Schiff Says the House Should Decide How Long Impeachment Managers Get to Make Their Case

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) unveiled his proposed rules governing the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Democrats decried the resolution as one that would hide information from the American public.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) — one of the impeachment managers — said the House should decide how long lawmakers have to argue the case for impeachment — not the Senate.

“That will be a decision that the House should make, not that the senators should prescribe to go late into the evening.”

Watch his comments below:

“We should have the opportunity to present the case as the House chooses to present its case. Not to go late into the evening when Senator McConnell evidently hopes the public may not be watching. And so we’ll make decisions about how long our case should go within the rules that are prescribed.”

“What is Senator McConnell’s interest in structuring the trial this way?” Schiff asked, adding, “Is this about hiding the evidence from the American people with late-night sessions. Is this about just trying to get it over with? Because that should not be the motivation here.”

McConnell unveiled his proposed rules for the trial on Monday night, which Democrats decried as a “national disgrace.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) blasted the proposed rules and accused McConnell of trying to speed through the trial, as IJR has previously reported

His proposal would give both sides two days to argue the case for or against impeachment and then answer questions from senators.

After McConnell unveiled his proposal, the impeachment managers released a letter urging senators to vote against the resolution. 

“There should be a fair trial — fair to the President, yes, but equally important, fair to the American people. Any Senator who wants the same should reject the McConnell Resolution,” the letter read.  

The Senate is expected to vote on McConnell’s resolution on Tuesday. Schumer said he would force a series of votes regarding the calling of new witnesses and documents because, as he said, “There is no guarantee that Leader McConnell will allow these votes to take place later in the trial.”

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  1. schiff you are a nobody, you don’t get to tell the senate how to run the impeachment. you just want to make a name for yourself so you can get nancy’s job when she retires. if demwits still control the house. you better get aoc out of there first.

  2. Schiffty is arrogant and in denial. The Senate is NOT the House and he has no say what the “rules” are in the Republican’t-controlled Senate.

  3. Must admit that Schiff has hutzpah. Not much on common sense, ethics or procedures. He had his chance and blew it. Now he’s going to play with the big boys!

  4. Of course he does. Schiff and Pelosi think they control the senate. American’s make sure they don’t control the house come November and make sure Mitch still controls the senate.

  5. Pencil neck is an idiot. Will be nice to see Turtle squash pencil neck like a bug. DA dirty rotten do-nothing D-RAT!

  6. Yep history will real show the world how well the impeachment influenced the 2020 elections. Will there be more Democrats or will there be more Republicans elected to offices in Washington. Phyllis would you like to take wager on this?


    1. The Senate’s job is not to exonerate Trump. You are overlooking the 2nd oath all 100 members took to impartiality. The Senate is the jury. It is Trump’s legal defense team’s responsibility to present the evidence to exonerate him. WHEN the trial starts was up to Mitch.

  8. The Senate has the sole right to try all impeachments…….period

  9. Schiff – you and the House had the opportunity to make your case, and FAILED!! The Prosecutor doesn’t get to tell the Court or the Judge in a case how to conduct the trial!!

    1. Exactly!! That’s why there should be NO more testimony or witnesses during the Senate’s job in trying the evidence presented to them by the PARTISAN House’s articles. They did their “job”. They don’t get an opportunity to add to their final Schiff-show or get a do-over.

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