Schumer: Biden ‘Inherited a Huge Mess’ on Immigration

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is being pressed on why he has not been critical of the Biden administration’s immigration policy.

Co-host of “The View” Meghan McCain asked Schumer why he has not been as critical of President Joe Biden as he was of Former President Donald Trump when it comes to immigration policy.

“Joe Biden inherited a huge mess on immigration, and it’s not going to be cleaned up in a month. He’s only been in office since January 20th,” Schumer said.

He argued Biden’s view on immigration is different than Trump’s. Schumer accused the former president of being “nasty, negative, horrible to immigrants.”

Schumer claimed Biden’s view is both “compassionate” and “competent.”

Watch part of Schumer’s interview below:

“They are rolling up their sleeves and working on this. I think it will get better in the next few months. If it doesn’t, I will go to them and say you gotta do better and if they don’t, I will be public,” Schumer explained.

The Biden administration is facing challenges at the U.S.-Mexico border as the number of migrant children being held at facilities has increased rapidly, as IJR reported.

As of Thursday morning, more than 3,600 migrant children were being held at border facilities. The number is more than four times what it was in February.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) told CNN he believes the uptick in unaccompanied migrant children arriving at the border is “approaching a crisis.”

Trump released a statement on Tuesday slamming the Biden administration for its approach to the issues at the border, as IJR reported.

“When I was president, our southern border was in great shape — stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before. We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers,” Trump said.

He continued, “The wall, despite horrendous Democratic delays, would have easily been finished by now, and is working magnificently. Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday the administration is “looking at additional facilities where we can safely house children.”


  1. Really Schmuckie, perhaps you can explain just why Trump inherited cages from SuperO then.

    Care to explain that Democratic Presidential misstep?

  2. And by the way, Chuckie Boy, announcing Texas ‘learned its lesson’ with the ice storm was so very sensitive to the friends and families of the two CHILDREN who froze to death in a house with no heat. P*ick.

    1. “Texas” didn’t learn a thing. Texas, as a state, will only have “learned its lesson” if, and ONLY if, they change their power grid and system, so that a storm can’t take down their grid again will they have learned anything.

      1. I’m SURE Texas is acting immediately on the word of anybody that goes by genital contusion

      2. As long as WIND is involved in places that can freeze, there’s gonna be a problem. You have all the answers, contusion, just HOW does Texas “change their power grid and system, so that a storm can’t take down their grid again.” YOUR words, what’s YOUR solution?

  3. No, Schemer, EVERYONE knows JObama and his merry band of socialist puppeteers created the crisis. Jeez, even the President of Mexico agrees! And if you morons think Putin, Xi, Kim Jong, Rouhani, Merkel, Macron, Netanyahu, the EU, BoJo, Trudeau and every other world leader doesn’t know it too, you’re as brain dead as Xiden.

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