Schumer Criticizes Senate Committee’s Plans to Vote on Subpoena for Biden-Burisma Probe

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is criticizing the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s decision to vote on issuing a subpoena for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, as the country works to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democratic lawmaker is blasting the Republican-led panel, arguing that they should be prioritizing the efforts to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’re in the middle of a public health and economic crisis, but instead of holding oversight hearings about testing, PPE, or bringing in the FEMA administrator, Senate Republicans are choosing to pursue diversionary, partisan conspiracy theories to prop up President Trump,” Schumer said.

A new memo obtained by Politico confirms the Senate committee has a plan in motion to vote on chairman Ron Johnson’s request for a subpoena next Wednesday.

If the vote is passed, a subpoena will be issued to the Democratic public-relations firm, Blue Star Strategies, as part of the investigation into Hunter Biden and the U.S. Department of State run by President Barack Obama’s administration.

The allegations stem from the public relations firm’s work with the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings — which Hunter Biden previously served on the company’s board. The company, Blue Star Strategies, has been accused of using Hunter Biden’s role as leverage to influence changes to policies within the State Department. The Biden’s have denied this.

President Donald Trump has pushed the allegations, calling for Hunter Biden to be investigated. Back in January, he demanded that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Mass.) testify at his Senate impeachment hearing.

“I’m going to leave it to the Senate, but I’d like to hear the whistleblower, I’d like to hear ‘shifty’ Schiff, I’d like to hear Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Trump said.

According to Johnson an update, interim report on the status of the current investigation will be released this summer.


  1. Not to mention they are currently farting around with getting Trumps Taxes released………yeah that’s more important than everything! Sure! Okay! You Bet!………..Bastards!!!

  2. How soon they forget how they prioritized and pursued “Impeachment Proceedings”, while Trump and his Administration was involved with CoVid19 and other important issues for we the people? The Democratic Party is becoming more vile everyday!

  3. Commiecrats Schmuck Screwmer and pals if it were a republican especially an innocent one they’d want execution. The old I can do it to you but don’t you dare do it to me

  4. And just like that, the Commiecrats are against investigations

  5. So, the Democrats have made an occupation (3.5 years, 0ver $35 million spent) out of investigating the President and his associates in multiple fishing expeditions and witch hunts. Three have been started since the phony impeachment. Now, when investigations are started about real crimes like spying on an opposing party’s campaign using a fake dossier paid for by their party’s campaign, a gun running scheme that involved the BATF coercing gun dealers into selling weapons to a foreign cartel (resulting in a border patrol agent’s death, Mexican Federales killed and an attack on a school), framing a whistleblower (Gen. Flynn) that was exposing the intelligence community funding a rising terrorist group (ISIS) and a VP using extortion to end an investigation into a corrupt company, then covering it up with a BS excuse, Schumer wants the focus to be on something else. Let the Democrat cover-up begin.

  6. Why would Schumer want all of the facts out in the open? He could be indicted as a co-conspirator.

  7. So now my dear Republicans Senator wants to subpoena Joe Bide cause Trump wants that! ?This is a new level of in decency for my Republicans Senators in other words they’re in “deep sh%@,#”, yup! they know they going down! with him, and that’s all they can do with my money,(taxes) that we all have to pay to the feds every year.. Thank you Republicans senators!, for spending my money in a none sense accusation with 0000000000 evidence…vs. your boss, where I can find 100%%%%%%%%%% many crimes that he has committed! You all should be focusing, on the people that are passing/ Deaths every minute due to Coronavirus.Have some dignity, because ever since Republicans Senators dismissed the criminal charges of the impeachment of a president, a curse has come down upon usa ! What more do you want? Now this issue is the real tragedy thank you to my Republicans Senators. God Blessed you all
    Law abidin Citizen
    F:;@@,#, .Also,
    I don’t have time to be tweeting like my president and all the Senators Republicans, because ever since Coronavirus started, I been doing my duties as a father and husband. Haven’t stop working because I don’t have 1 b or 2 billion dollars in my bank . Unfortunately my light and my cable may get disconnected if i don’t pay it,.. so fu&$,$; all!!!

    1. You should take your crazy pills and calm down before you stroke out over there. You seemed to forget all the BS the Democrats especially Chuck Schumer himself pulled during the start of this viral outbreak. You seemed to have forgotten the last 4 years of the Democrats burning through tax dollars like they needed it to survive the winter on bogus attempt after bogus attempt to hinder or remove Trump, and anyone who sided with him or people affiliated with him at all really. They even told their freaking lackeys to literally harass and assault people who supported Trump literally anywhere they saw them. That’s bully tactics actually that’s terrorism by it’s literal definition use fear to garner the response you desire with varying tactics.

      1. William exactly, their bank accounts incomes etc should be confiscated to repay the millions used for bs investigations if they had to pay they wouldn’t want to play

    2. Al… more research dude! Seems to me the names released for exposing Flynn are the ones in deep s#*t……including most all top Obama Officials and Appointees, including your candidate Joe Biden!!! The whole reason your not working is because the Democrats want to create a bad economy, to blame on Trump, because that’s the ONLY slight possible chance the Democrats have in November to run on.
      Secondly, it is now known that the Special Investigation by Mueller was TOTALLY un-necessary and they knew there was NO Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign. That was a couple years of deceitful lies to us citizens, PLUS, $35,000,000.00 unnecessarily SPENT Dollars. And what came out of that Al! You have Pelosi trying to put through a Bill for $3 Trillion Dollars……..find the Bill and read it for yourself! An in regards and judging from what you have written above……If that Bill don’t piss you off……you would have to be either blind or brain dead! You say you can find many “CRIMES” Trump has committed. state some facts then. And let me warn you that your “BOSS” was a criminal as well. Obama is not squeaky clean Al. He violated our Constitution on more than one occasion. He broke a few laws as well. Does that bother you? Probably not! He has many Pinocchio’s himself that have been proven as factual lies. Don’t take my word for it…look it up. And while your at it do some research on the Democrat Senators and Congressmen too! Schumer isn’t no Saint and neither is Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Barbera Boxer, Feinstein, Harris, Hirono, and on and on! Who wants the Country open and who wants it closed Al? Newsflash….Trump wants the states to open up their economies and look at the states extending the lock down………..they are ALL BLUE Al!! You Democrats wants the country shutdown. Your blaming the wrong party! And maybe, just maybe the fact that you have zero in the bank to ride the bullshit shut democratic shut down out, just might be your own fault? Just maybe………………

  8. geesh, people, take a rest with the hate rhetoric. Not all politicians or citizens agree, but that’s no reason to turn the hate lingo on. We are the USA, not a given political party. Plus, this is the internet… a worldwide forum that children also read. A note, though, the House can pass a bill (typically has handled the larger percentage of 1st passes in the past). The bill then passes to the Senate for revision, rewriting altogether, trash, or pass as is. The same is true in reverse when that happens. It’s definitely bipartisan as long as both are held by different parties because both sides have to pass the final product. This is called a democracy. But… the pork often snuck in to get both sides to agree really irritates me… maybe others are fine with it… and that pork results from ~both~ sides. For example, the 1st stimulus bill was written by and passed by the House. It was then moved to Senate, which chose to do a major revision predominantly (not solely) to outline corporate money. They also reduced the layout to citizens some. And tried to pull out any additional loopholes not previously considered and tried to give some additional guidance on how the mechanics might work. That rewrite then went back to House where it passed. There is generally more paasing, rewriting, fiddling, etc. than these bare swaps, but Congress ~said~ the wanted money out to the ~citizens~ fast. I tend to be critical about what both sides or a few dissenters within either side say about their reasoning. The truth is grey in politics, if it truly exists, as well as reasoning. Best if it’s light grey rather than dark grey, though.

  9. Chuck…you definitely live by a double standard. Do as I say…not ask do? If anything, you know that such a subpoena could end in disaster for your party. Karma has a way of evening things up. Brace yourself. And are you inferring that you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? Oh yes, that is true for you. We saw that Congress could get nothing accomplished while trying to oust President Trump with the dem’s bogus allegations and unfounded accusations.

  10. Kinda sorta maybe like investigating Trump’s response to the virus? In the middle of the virus huh Cryin Chuckie? Or impeaching a duly elected president on BS charges that your compadres knew wouldn’t go anywhere during the virus. Don’t you Demterds get tired of getting called out on your crooked, felonious, fake crap and all of the money spent by taxpayers. Chuckie, Chuckie, where are your ethics, morals, honesty and scruples? Such a low down double standard idiot. Now go tell Nancy you did what she told you to do then kiss her ass some more. Pucker up Chuckie.

  11. What a joke Schumer is. He’s complaining that they want subpoenas for Hunter Biden when the Dems just drafted a Covid response with zero input from the Republicans which will just hold up any aid. Not to mention the fact that they are sticking all their corrupt agendas into the bill. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  12. The Democratic lawmaker is blasting the Republican-led panel, arguing that they should be prioritizing the efforts to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak……

    What a clown. What were the Dems doing when he was shutting down travel? Pushing the impeachment.

  13. Since THE MURDERING PSYCHOPATH has done an absolute shit job with the corona virus outbreak the desperate douchebag repuklelicans gotta try to get attention away from it.

    1. Idiot. Dems where claiming 1.4 million victims. Guess he did a great job. Meanwhile while he was dealing with it, they were holding imeacement hearings. Now they are being seen as a bunch of morons. NY itself is the worst in the natiuon due to their own politicians. This clown should be hide somewhere.

      Now the Democratic party is fighting for their life as more and more comes out about their fabrication of the entire Russian probe.
      I wonder how many of them will be facing subpoenas and indictment in the coming weeks?

      Guess Obama’s “clean legacy” just went down in flames.

    2. Oh johnny the commie you mean the MURDERING PSYCHOPATH demonrat/communist party who has murdered more than 61 million babies of which 20 million were black babies. 20 million is more than the entire black population in America in 1960. Is that who you are talking about you murderous leech!!!! You poor pathetic asshole.

      1. Bob this is overflowing with idiots, imbeciles, and morons but you are in a class of idiocy, imbecility, and moronhood.

    3. John, I’d suggest your liberal-progressive bias is showing…or President Trump is living rent-free in your head! Were you supporting President Trumps travel ban when he imposed it? Were you telling people to social distance while Pelosi and Shumer were telling them to mix and mingle? Were you objecting to frivolous liberal padding to the second Coronavirus Relief Bill? Just where the heck were you…trolling on IJR?

      1. There are a lot of words to describe your stupidity, but there isn’t enough space to put down here or any where else

        1. Bwahahahahaa. Quit being so hard on yourself. Mommy has the tit ready for you.

    4. jonny boi, please take that laxative that you so desperately need.

    5. Oh that attention will be redirected very soon Neanderthal. Still nothing intelligent to say?

    6. Murdering? Just who have they murdered? What an over dramatic response. I would think you would be upset with China seeing how they were the ones that let it out to the world and covered it up. Or maybe it was Odumba for not replenishing the stockpile of ventilators and PPE. Or thank God it wasn’t like when Odumba did nothing toward the H1N1 virus I think it was. 10,000 died before Odumba responded. But you have chosen, in your cute little Libterd way, to blame the POTUS for doing exactly what he has done while saving thousands of lives. It’s you Dems that keep trying to break this country, stall, add impossibly stupid things to the bills being passed that have absolutely nothing to do with the virus. Like bailing out the postal service, or remodeling the arts center. I would think being upset about actual things would make more sense. But you seem to be a maniacal idiot who wouldn’t know the truth if it was rammed up your ass. Get a grip.

    7. You know you are talking a bunch crazy Republicans here. There is an old saying the only good Indian is a dead Indian, in this day and age I think sounds better with the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

      1. Yeppers. That’s ALL you got. You have take another saying and substitute because you don’t have a fully functioning brain and CAN’T think for yourself.

      2. Yeah, Tom, you sound just like the old time Democrats that lied and coerced the Southern states to secede rather than lose their cheap slave labor, then after losing the Civil War, stole the 40 acres and a mule given to the freed slaves through trickery and coercion. Then, the old Democrats voted against the Republican bill to give blacks the vote. When they couldn’t control blacks, they created the KKK of which many prominent Democrats were members, Robert Byrd being one of them, first a Kleagle, then a Grand Cyclops (Hillary Clinton’s mentor). They’ve been using handouts to enslave the blacks and gain their votes ever since. Now, you use a racist phrase about Indians in order to make a comparison. You show your true nature and that of other Democrats. You are the true racists and sexists, but project your misdeeds and inhumanity on others. It’s here for all to see. Congratulations!!

  14. I don’t want to hear them. They can’t tell the truth. oF course Chuckle complains abut doing the people’s work during a virus but what about his partner in crime . She is home getting a bale out of the mismanagement of demarcate states and the demarcates pet projects . Let them file bankruptcy and get out the right way. What I would like if the AG office in New York to file charges against the governor for the death of those old people in the nursing home that he caused. He knew the old could get it fast but did he care no. He ordered them returned to the nursing home. Now he wants to make money to give there bodies back to their families.
    We knew in January the elderly was in danger from the virus. He stated his bother who is another moron invited his mother to his house. He stopped it because he knew she would be at risk.
    His bother lied about being in his basement . He gave it to his wife. He took his kids out to infect others. If you got aids and you give it someone you can be charged. He put his kids at risk. So they should be removed from them. In Italy they already had kids in ICU. He knew this from working with the Communist News Network.

  15. It’s past the time for, not just Hunter, but Joe Biden to answer for Ukraine.

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