Sen. Tammy Duckworth Tells Trump ‘Don’t Even Think About’ Sending Federal Agents to Chicago

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) is sending a message to President Donald Trump as the president is suggesting sending federal agents to multiple cities across the United States.

During an appearance on CNN on Tuesday, Duckworth was asked about her reaction to Trump “threatening to send federal law enforcement to Chicago and other cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Detroit.”

Duckworth — former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and former combat veteran of the Iraq War — quickly fired back with her response as she told the president, “Don’t even think about it.”

“This is disgusting and it is the further politicization of our institutions which should be non-partisan,” Duckworth continued. “He did it with the military when he sent National Guard troops against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square. And now he’s done it in Portland and he’s coming to Chicago.”

“Don’t even think about it,” she reiterated.

The Democratic senator challenged Trump to focus his efforts on legislation to combat gun violence.

“If you want to do something about gun violence, call Mitch McConnell. Let’s have a vote on the floor today on universal background checks and straw purchases of guns,” she said. “Let’s go after gun trafficking.”

Duckworth continued, “You want to do something? Call Mitch McConnell and have that vote. It would pass.”

See Duckworth’s remarks below:

Duckworth’s remarks came less than one day after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) echoed similar sentiments in response to Trump’s threat.

On Monday, Lightfoot released a four-page letter outlining her concerns about federal agents being deployed into the streets of Chicago. She also expressed her disapproval of Trump’s remarks.

“What we do not need, and what will certainly make our community less safe is secret, federal agents deployed to Chicago,” Lightfoot wrote.

She added, “Any other form of militarized assistance within our borders that would not be within our control or within the direct command of the Chicago Police Department would spell disaster.”

Mayor Lightfoot’s lette… by Block Club Chicago on Scribd

Despite growing concern and criticism about federal troops being on the ground, the president has not suggested he would be changing his plans.

On Monday, he told reporters, “I’m going to do something, that I can tell you. Because we’re not going to let New York, and Chicago, and Philadelphia, and Detroit, and Baltimore, and all of these … Oakland is a mess. We’re not going to let this happen in our country.”

The president also said, “We’ll have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you.”


  1. Democrat mayors love watching their cities burn. They love watching the murder rate climb. They love destruction and chaos. They are truly evil and anti-American.

  2. Squat Milkfart is sad because Michael Brooks died. Whaaaaaaaaa!!! Too bad, soooooo sad. Squat likes to call federal officers traitors because he’s a liberal jackoff. He so silly.

  3. Careful Duckbreath, he just might declare a national emergency and put your Liberal cesspool city under martial law. Strange how she didn’t have a problem with the Obamanation sending federal law officers to investigate problems. Well, chubby chubby, go have a few more buckets of fried chicken and take a chill pill. If you want to do something, end the violence in Chi Town. Over 200 blacks have been killed by other blacks so far this year, more than last year. Such a nice city. Lying, cheating, corrupt stupid Democrats.

  4. Light foot and Duckworth. What a pair. Listen sweeties, President Trump can put Federal police anywhere he deems necessary under the law. Chicago does not have borders Lightfoot you have city limits. And the President can and will if necessary put them in the people’s city, not your city. If you are okay with so many people, including young children, being killed daily then you can join the previous Dem mayors who did the same thing, ignored the problem. What have either of you done to stop the violence. I’m waiting. Oh crickets I’m hearing. You two asked for your jobs. Now DO your jobs.

  5. Duckworth I really like to know what Kind of Veteran you were.Something does not add up.But I welcome not sending Troops to your Town,why because it is already too deep down the Hole.But if you would leave then gladly render Assistance.

  6. Just reported tonight by a Chicago Alderman 17 shot in Chicago tonight. Like Robert said just bring the body bags in.
    Wonder when Duckworth and mayors of shithole cities will be wanting the feds to provide and pay for them.

  7. Well, of course Tammy and Lori do not want Fed’s in place, because it will show that, what they didn’t want to accomplish, can be done! Rather than address the problem, “ The Gangs”, and Career Criminals, “They championed, to be released from Jails, because “they” may get sick! Rather placing the Blame where it belongs, they will nit pick any thing and everything other than the True Cause of all the Violence! TamTam says we should go for Background Checks and Straw Purchases, Firearms Shows. Why didn’t she bring this up between 2008 to 2016, when “Barry” was in office, where was she then? Both of them blame Guns, it’s “The Guns”! And cars, cause Road Rage! And Marriage causes Domestic Violence! And Knives,Hammers,Baseball Bats, CrowBars, Bricks, Molotov cocktails, Rope(nooses), Alcohol, Drugs, are all, to Blame, for injuries and deaths, RIGHT!

  8. Awww. Is the little baby upset because someone told you no and made you stop destroying things?

    Chocago is a hellhole. I doubt the residents would resist any efgort to stop the violence.

    This is the Democratic version of success??
    Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 381
    Shot & Wounded: 1746
    Total Shot: 2127
    Total Homicides: 424

    Btw…only three le involved. Guess who the real problem is????

  9. Tammy, babe, lay off the Twinkies. They’re not only making you a tubbie, but they’re impacting your brain.

  10. Sen Duckworth: you might want to check the laws that previous Congresses have passed. Per 40 U.S.C. § 1315 the duty to protect federal property resides with the Secretary of Homeland
    Security. and in order to fulfill this responsibility, the Secretary is authorized to enforce the Rules and Regulations Governing conduct on Federal Property.
    Per 18 U.S.C. §§ 1361-1363, 1366 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has the authority to investigate offenses and the Counterterrorism Section of the National Security Division has supervisory authority.

  11. Trump and his Brown Shirt thugs. Making matters much worse so he can look all “Mr. Law and Order” which is quite ironic since trumps broken so many laws himself and will be spending many years in jail.

    1. I doubt it. Hillary set a precedent and the Dems are displaying that they are above the law.

  12. Scotty the Imposter AKA Gen Con, good try at talking smack but it just shows your stupidity.

  13. Tammy, don’t want federal police in Chicago, solve the rioting and murder problems yourself. Unfortunately, to date you have done nothing for that so you have abdicated any right to complain. Sit back (oh, you’ve already been doing that) and let the feds solve the problems.

  14. quick question for Tammy.

    If rioters, not the “peaceful protesters” you claim showed up at your door, would you tool up? Would you demand troops and protection? Seattle’s Jenny Derpkan did not waste time doing so.

    Now pretend you’re a normal, taxpaying, citizen who watched the destructive but “peaceful” antics. If they are so peaceful then why aren’t you marching with them, without armed protection? They are peaceful after all.

  15. Tammy needs to get with the program, the one not pushed by Dim failure.

    Chicago is the 2nd most violent city, by capita, after St. Louis.

    Evne Mayor Lightweight desires federal intervention on her “terms”. BWAHAHA, That’s not happening.

  16. RIP Michael Brooks.

    With all of the toxic millionaire “hosts” taking legal hits for many sexual harassment and abuse offenses at FOX, it breaks my heart to see someone as good as Michael suddenly pass away way too early. He will not only be missed by his family but by all of the people he graciously helped along the way.

  17. If the unwanted federal forces enter the city, they should be forcibly arrested, weapons confiscated, and their traitor uniforms destroyed.

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