Sick Leftists Waste No Time Celebrating Death of Diamond – Here Are Some of the Worst Tweets


The sudden and tragic death of one of former President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters is prompting some rather sickening responses from leftists on Twitter.

On Monday, it was announced on social media that Lynette Hardaway, better known as “Diamond” of “Diamond & Silk,” had tragically passed away.

Diamond & Silk” were two North Carolina sisters known for their vocal support of Donald Trump and their conservative political commentary.

Unfortunately, but at this point unsurprisingly, many on the left have taken to Twitter to celebrate her death with some rather disgusting comments about her and her sister.

Some, unsurprisingly, slammed her as an “Auntie Tom” for being a black Trump supporter.

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Other tweets celebrated her death because she refused to follow the mainstream COVID narrative and get the vaccine.

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Others likened her to Herman Cain, another black conservative and COVID skeptic who died from COVID in July 2020.

Again, these Tweets are sickening, but at this point, they are hardly surprising coming from the left. The left has used some disgusting insults and slurs to criticize those who disagree with them, especially black conservatives.

Lest we forget, they did the same thing after Herman Cain died of COVID, introducing the grotesque “Herman Cain award” for those skeptical of the COVID narrative who died of COVID.

The left loves to come across as the party of compassion, respect, tolerance and kindness, but in reality, they are nothing of the sort. If you dare disagree with them, then you will face their wrath.

If we have one part of America celebrating the deaths of their fellow Americans because they disagreed with them, then our country really is in trouble.

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