'Sound of Freedom' Star Shares What He Would've Done if Biden Put Mouth on His Kid


It is time to stop calling President Joe Biden a creepy old man. He is a creepy man. The “old” part makes him seem benign.

Last week, cameras caught Biden nibbling on the shoulder of a young girl.

In an interview with journalist Benny Johnson posted to Twitter on Wednesday, actor and “Sound of Freedom” star Jim Caviezel declared that he would not tolerate such behavior toward his own child.

“I’d have pushed him off so quick,” Caviezel, a devout Christian, said. “The Secret Service would have tackled me ’cause I’d have popped him,” he added.

Caviezel then used Biden’s transgression as a springboard into a lengthy commentary on the current state of Christian leadership, as well as the broader cultural assault on Christianity.

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“Good is evil and evil is good right now,” Caviezel said.

Megyn Kelly also denounced Biden’s child-nibbling antics and added context to show a creepy pattern.

Do you think Biden is creepy toward children?

In an interview with Paul Murray of Sky News Australia, Kelly contended that the president’s behavior crossed a line.

“There is not a normal parent who goes over to a stranger’s child and [mock-eats] their upper shoulder to say hello or show affection. It’s bizarre,” Kelly said.

Kelly noted that this is hardly the first instance of Biden’s creepiness toward females of all ages.

“In his daughter’s diary, which we’re not allowed to discuss — why again? — she says that they took inappropriate showers together when she was a child,” Kelly said.

“We don’t have to look very far to see his string of inappropriate behavior with women. … It doesn’t make me feel comfortable, and if I don’t feel comfortable, there’s probably something wrong,” she added.

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Kelly did not even mention Tara Reade, the woman who accused Biden of sexually assaulting her when he served in the Senate.

Reade has since fled to Russia for fear of retribution from Biden and the Democrats.

Criticism of Biden’s behavior toward women and children has special force when it comes from the likes of Caviezel and Kelly.

Despite its small budget, the film “Sound of Freedom,” in which Caviezel plays an anti-human trafficking activist who rescues children, soared to No. 2 in the domestic box office rankings in its second weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

And Kelly declared last month that she will no longer use preferred pronouns, which she regards as part of a trans ideology that is fundamentally anti-female.

Biden, meanwhile, seems to take pleasure in imposing himself on females who are too vulnerable to resist his advances.

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