Sports Radio Host Issues Apology After Making Comments That 'Angered and Upset' People


Tony Massarotti, a sports radio host from Boston, is apologizing after making comments that did not sit well with listeners.

During an episode of the “Felger & Mazz Show” Friday, Massarotti was asking a question about Black individuals sitting behind one of his co-hosts.

“They can’t hear us, right?” Massarotti asked.

He added, “Okay, so I would be careful if I were you, because the last time you were around a couple of guys like that, they stole your car.”

Massarotti could be seen laughing after making the comments.

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Watch the video below:

The host did not receive positive responses on Twitter.

Journalist Justus Rogers wrote, “This is disgusting [985 The Sports Hub] [Felger & Massarotti] Mazz should not still be on the air.”

Did the comments upset you?

One tweet stated, “Boston for ya…”

Another tweet asked, “How does this guy still have a job?” adding, “Lol.”

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Sports correspondent Jonathan Jones wrote, “Hilarious, bro.”

Massarotti issued an apology for the comments on Monday following the backlash.

“Late in the show on Friday, I made some comments that angered and upset some people, and rightfully so. I wish I could take them back. I can’t,” Massarotti said.

He added, “They were insensitive. They were hurtful. And frankly, they hurt the cause for those of us who believe in racial and social equality and all of those things. And I do. I’m on that side of the line, which is what made this thing so difficult in so many different ways.”

Massarotti continued, “So I owe everyone an apology. It’s not who I am. It’s not who we are. I can tell you that until I’m blue in the face – those of you who know me will believe it. Those of you who don’t, won’t. And you probably shouldn’t. If I saw and heard what you did, I’d feel the same way. And you have a right to be upset. The only thing I can really do is apologize for it.”

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