Ahead of State of the Union Address, Biden's Approval Sinks to Record Low


The longer President Joe Biden is in office, the less Americans approve of what they see.

As Biden prepares for his State of the Union address on Tuesday, a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Biden has hit a new low.

Only 37 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s efforts, while 55 percent say they do not like what they have seen. The poll found 44 percent of those surveyed strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance.

When Biden took office, 67 percent of Americans were upbeat about his transition to office, a Washington Post-ABC poll found, while in April 2021 a similar poll found that 52 percent of respondents said Biden was doing a good job in office.

The new poll found that 54 percent of those surveyed said Biden does not have the mental capacity to be the leader of the free world, according to The Washington Post.

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When a Post-ABC poll asked about Biden’s mental acuity in May 2020, 51 percent said they thought candidate Biden was sharp enough to be president while 43 percent said he was not.

After a year of Democrats holding undisputed power in Washington, 50 percent of those polled want Capitol Hill in Republican hands, while only 40 percent want Democrats to remain in power.

Will the GOP take control of Congress this fall?

The poll found that if respondents were voting right now, 49 percent would back a Republican for the House and 42 percent a Democrat. The Post noted that in 2018, when Democrats gained control of the House, their party enjoyed a similar seven-point advantage.

The economy is dragging down Biden, with only 37 percent approving of Biden’s work in that vital sector, against 58 percent who disapprove. That’s hardly surprising given that 75 percent rated the economy negatively, including 39 percent who said the economy was poor.

The economy has grown worse under Biden, according to 54 percent of those polled, with what the Post said was a figure of almost six in 10 Americans saying inflation has hurt them.

Fire Destroys Historic US Church - When Smoke Clears, a Sign of Hope Is Seen

In an Op-Ed for The Hill, contributor Joe Concha took issue with comments from White House chief of staff Ron Kain that the speech will focus on Biden’s accomplishments.

Concha offered a tongue-in-cheek translation: “Look, ​you ungrateful citizens — you really need to appreciate everything this administration has done for you in the past year. Forget the fact that everything you buy is more expensive​ and the cost to fill up your car or to heat your home is something you’re really feeling or may not be able to afford. Ignore that fear of feeling less safe walking the streets or in your homes or cars. Put aside that fatigue you have from COVID and our resistance to lifting mask and vaccine mandates. And more than a few of you parents are ​unnecessarily upset about how your kid is being educated more about race than ​about reading, math or science. We’re actually doing a fine job, and here are the reasons why you’re just not informed or intelligent enough to understand this.”

In short, Concha wrote, by trying to say that all is well, “Biden plans to ignore reality. Biden can’t blame former President Trump anymore. There is no ‘Republicans are being obstructionists’ game here since Democrats control Congress. One can’t play the victim when holding all the cards.”

“Instead, President Biden would be smart to do what former President Ford did: Acknowledge all the challenges and pain the country is facing, and signal that he’s willing to work with the other party. As in 1975, the state of our union is not good. An overwhelming majority of Americans know this,” Concha wrote.

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