Sen. Susan Collins Takes Swipe at Schumer After Winning Reelection

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) defied Democrats when she came out with a victory in the 2020 congressional elections.

Polls ahead of the election showed Collins trailing behind Democratic challenger Sara Gideon. Collins was considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents, and the non-partisan Cook Political Report moved her race to “toss-up.” However, she came out with a victory, winning reelection by 9 points.

Speaking with Politico this week in an interview published Friday, Collins said, “I was very gratified that the margin was so big. That people were able to look at the individual.”

She added, pointing to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), “They were smart enough to reject the outright lies that Chuck Schumer and his PAC have hoisted.”

The Maine senator also noted that eight Democratic senators called her to offer their congratulations on her win, the first call being from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). Manchin asked her, “What can we do next? How can we work together?”

Collins told Politico, “These were by and large my friends. It wasn’t Chuck Schumer calling me, let’s put it that way.”

“Some of them told me frankly that they’d been instructed by Chuck to not co-sponsor my bills, not work with me to advance legislation. Now, some of them followed that instruction from him but some did not.”

While the Maine senator has barely spoken to President Donald Trump, she has congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his “apparent victory,” as IJR reported.

She also said in the statement on Nov. 9, “I understand that the President and others have questions about the results in certain states. There is a process in place to challenge those results, and, consistent with that process, the President should be afforded every opportunity to do so.”

Additionally, Collins told Politico that Trump’s lawsuits in multiple states “should not delay the president-elect, the apparent winner, from having access to the traditional office space, supplies and federal employees to help him make the transition. So that on Jan. 20, assuming this holds, he can be up and running.”

Collins said her and Biden “have a long-standing relationship that goes back many years and we worked on issues together in the Senate as well as when he was vice president,” adding, “It doesn’t mean that if he appoints someone who is way out of the mainstream, that I wouldn’t oppose them.”


  1. Mike, Walter Mitty’s mental illness is the result of “Little Man Syndrome”. He has to make up for his short stature by being a narcissist and pompous. He’s a little Napolean.

  2. “Blah blah blah… makes the US a country under the control of the Democrats forevermore.” Lee

    Have no dear, Lee. Knowing the weak and ineffective Democrats the way I do, they will find a way to throw away any advantage that they may gain by doing some sort of magic trick.

  3. Phyllis, besides buying a new flag, we could all just put away any thoughts of this being a two party country anymore. Granting Statehood to DC and Puerto Rico would introduce four more Democrat Senators to the chamber, consigning the Republicans forever to the status of minority, which, when combined with Schumer’s promise to eliminate the filibuster effectively makes the US a country under the control of the Democrats forevermore. I do believe that if that should come to pass, several States may seriously consider another secession movement, this time being better thought out and peaceful in nature.

  4. “You appear to believe that all states are solid Blue.” Phyllis

    Appearances are deceiving. The United States are blue. There are more Democrats than American Fascists. The problem is how the AFP gerrymandered the country and all of the voter suppression they get away with every election.

  5. General, I respectfully disagree. Joe Manchin is NOT a problem for the Democrat Party. Joe Manchin is possibly the only Democrat that could have won the seat in 2018, other than Jim Justice. Unlike Manchin who has remained a DEMOCRAT, Justice changed his party affiliation to Republican after he was elected governor. Senator Manchin votes for the residents of WV, not NY 14th district.

    You appear to believe that all states are solid Blue. West Va is far from it. EVERY COUNTY in WV went for Trump and Romney. If you drive thru the state, you see more Confederate flags than American flags, which is interesting since WV separated from VA because they supported the Union Army, not the Confederate Army. Not exactly the most informed residents on the planet.

    Trump won WV by 41.7% points in 2016. In 2020 he won by 39.1% points. For Senate your JD candidate LOST by 43.1% points, an even greater loss than Clinton in the presidential election of 2016, and Biden in 2020. On the other hand, Joe Machin won reelection as a Democrat in 2018. And Joe Manchin, unlike Susan Collins, voted to convict Trump on both counts of impeachment, knowing that his guilty vote will come up if he decides to run for reelection. He actually did not want to run again in 2018. After being a governor, he found being a Senator “frustrating.” You may get your wish in 2024 when D leadership can not convince him to run again. Then you can put your JD candidate in place to lose the seat for 6 years.

  6. Thomas, she may be a RINO, but I’d sure rather have that seat held by someone who is not going to vote to pack the Supreme Court or admit DC and Puerto Rico as States. That is something that is very likely if Dems control the Senate.

  7. “She’s a RINO. Always has been. She’s useless to the party.” Thomas

    Ah, here we have another Cult-45 who can’t do basic math.

    Thomas, Sen. Collins voted 66.9% in favor of King Donald The Loser’s policies. I hate to bring thing this up, buddy, but that is more than two-thirds of the time FOR the American Fascist Party. I wouldn’t call someone like THAT a RINO (even though her record IS the lowest in the fascistic party).

    Now, someone like a Joe Manchin IS a real problem for the Democratic Party. HIS record is 51.9% in favor of King Donald The Loser. Heitkamp (54.9%), Donnelly(54.1%) and Sinema (51.2%) are all ABOVE 50% in favor of His Majesty’s policies. Why the hell are YOU whining about?

  8. Biden, the thief, should feel free to set up his offices in any of the parking lots of businesses abandoned, in Scranton, during the Obamanation. Hopefully he’d stay there for the 4 years of Obama 2.

  9. The article lacked any mention of a call from Trump, who insulted Sen. Collins for not voting for Barrett and the repeal of Obamacare. The article also failed to mention that Sen Collins won 414.970 votes–51% of the statewide vote and Trump received only 359, 502 votes–44%, a losing margin against Joe Biden’s 53%

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