Susan Rice Argues She Has the Experience to Serve in Biden’s Administration

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice revealed on Friday the potential role she could play in Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s administration if he is elected in the upcoming November election.

In an interview with American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan on Friday, Rice claimed she has the necessary experience to hold different Cabinet-level position.

Ryan listed a variety of positions Rice could potentially hold including Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense.

“Do I have the experience to do those jobs, is that what you’re asking me?… Yes,” Rice said.

Rice noted she has already served as National Security Adviser and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Watch her comments below:

Rice told Ryan the first priority is making sure Biden is elected and then leaving it up to him to make the decision of who he wants in his administration.

“This is not up to me. This is up to the next president of the United States and the Senate, if these are going to be Senate confirmed positions. Let’s just hold our horses here,” Rice said.

She added, “Job one… is we got to get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected. That is vital, and we need to flip the Senate, and then Joe Biden needs to decide what team he wants around him in what constellation.”

Rice was a finalist on Biden’s shortlist for potential vice presidential picks.

Biden announced Harris would be his running mate on Aug. 11, as IJR previously reported.

Rice praised Biden for his decision to select Harris, as IJR previously reported. She called Harris a “great choice” and predicted she is going to “make a tremendous running mate” for Biden.

Biden officially accepted his party’s nomination on the last night of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday evening.


  1. General, are you saying that Biden should follow Trump’s foreign policy plan of listening to those with zero experience? How is that working out with Iran, North Korea, China, Venezuela, Israel? How is alienating all of our allies working out?

  2. An article dedicated to Dr. Susan Rice responding that she is qualified to serve in a Cabinet-level position is like an article dedicated to water being wet. Dr. Rice served in Bill Clinton’s WH National Security Advisers, served in his State Department before serving as Obama’s UN Ambassador (confirmed by unanimous consent of Senate), and served as his National Security Adviser.

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