Trudeau Strikes Deal to Stay in Power Until 2025


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struck a deal Tuesday to keep his party in power until 2025.

“What this means is during this uncertain time the government can function with predictability and stability, present and implement budgets and get things done for Canadians,” Trudeau said.

According to Politico, the “supply and confidence agreement” addresses areas of policy where Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) have shared priorities, including climate, housing, and health care.

Trudeau tweeted, saying the agreement “will improve the way we do politics so we can deliver good jobs, climate action, more affordable housing and child care, a stronger middle class, and a better, more prosperous future for everyone.”

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Politico reported Trudeau said the center-left Liberals “will seek support elsewhere when it comes to other issues like defense.”

Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen commented on the deal during a press conference.

“They’ve cooked up a backroom deal that would see Justin Trudeau get the majority power that he tried desperately to get last fall, in the last election, but he failed to get,” Bergen said.

She added, “This deal means that Canadians have woken up to, in essence, an NDP-Liberal majority government.”

Jagmeet Singh, the New Democratic Party (NDP) leader, said on Twitter the party will “always use our power to make life better for Canadians.”

He added, “Now we’re using our power to deliver the biggest expansion of health care in a generation – with Dental Care and Pharmacare.”

Reuters explained while a “so-called ‘supply and confidence agreement’ is not unheard of in Canadian politics, it is unprecedented to have such an agreement in writing at the federal level.”

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Additionally, Trudeau said he plans on “continuing to serve Canadians through and beyond the next election.”

ABC News noted there are doubts he will continue to serve Canadians, pointing out the decline in popularity and animosity he is experiencing in western Canada.

Trudeau was elected to a third term last year but failed to win a majority for his party.

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