Trump Rips ’60 Minutes’ and Vaccine Whistleblower for Criticism of Coronavirus Response

President Donald Trump is expressing his displeasure with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” and former Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) director, Dr. Rick Bright.

On Sunday evening, Bright appeared the long-running prime-time show where he was interviewed by news anchor Norah O’Donnell.

Following the interview, Trump retaliated with a barrage of fiery tweets. Trump criticized the interview saying the network interviewed a “fake whistleblower.

Rating O’Donnell as a “third place anchor,” the president also accused her and CBS of “doing everything in their power to demean our Country, much to the benefit of the Radical Left Democrats.”

“Tonight they put on yet another Fake ‘Whistleblower’, a disgruntled employee who supports Dems, fabricates stories [and] spews lies,” Trump tweeted.

He continued,”[60 Minutes] report was incorrect, which they couldn’t care less about. Fake News! I don’t know this guy, never met him, but don’t like what I see. How can a creep like this show up to work tomorrow & report to[Secretary Azar] , his boss, after trashing him on T.V.?…”

The president called on Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to further investigate and challenged CBS executive Shari Redstone to evaluate her “poorly performing gang.”

Despite Trump’s criticism, Bright has maintained his stance. During his appearance on “60 Minutes” he reiterated his sentiments on hydroxychloroquine.

Bright has been reassigned to a new role as senior advisor to the  National Institutes of Health director for diagnostics.


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  2. I think our dear president needs to stop tweeting and do some real work.

  3. “I don’t know this guy, never met him” King Donald The Loser

    Who can say that they didn’t see THAT one coming? Such a broken record. This guy is such a loser.

    Also, this is right out of a coward’s playbook when cornered or exposed for wrongdoing. Typical.

    We MUST elect better politicians.


    1. A better, more intelligent electorate is necessary for better politicians to be elected.

      1. And THAT is the underlying implication of that statement. It is up to all of US to make meaningful changes, to rectify this horrible dystopian mess that we are in today. We have to start with what we each can affect most easily and effectivelly – ourselves.

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