Trump Argues Mail-In Ballots Are a ‘Bigger Threat Than Foreign Countries’

President Donald Trump is adamant mail-in voting is going to jeopardize the upcoming November presidential election.

During his press briefing on Wednesday, Trump launched another attack on mail-in voting and claimed it is more of a threat to election security and integrity than foreign interference.

“Our biggest threat to this election is governors from opposing parties controlling ballots, millions of ballots,” Trump said.

He continued, “To me, that’s a much bigger threat than foreign countries because much of the stuff coming out about foreign countries turned out to be untrue.”

Watch his comments below:

Trump claimed the ballots “will be stolen.”

He questioned where they are going and where they are coming from.

“It’s very dangerous for our country. And you know who knows that better than anybody? The Democrats,” Trump said.

During a phone call to “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning, Trump declared the election would be rigged, as IJR previously reported.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) accused Trump of “taking reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada” after he held his rally there on Sunday.

“The one thing we can’t beat if they cheat on the ballots. Now [Sisolak] will cheat on the ballots. I have no doubt about it. This is the same man who is in charge of the ballots,” Trump said.

Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon warned on Sunday Trump’s message on mail-in voting is only helping Russia, as IJR previously reported.

Gordon told CBS News that Trump’s message “that you can’t trust our system, that you can’t trust the vote, that you can’t trust the other party that you can’t trust is exactly what the Russians particularly hope to achieve.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also warned Russia is attempting to undermine the confidence Americans have in mail-in voting.


  1. I have noticed the unhappy departure of the right-wingers. Where have they gone, Paul? Where are my old friends?

  2. “No double voting there.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    No double voting problem here either, Lying Paul The Emeffer. Only in the minds of people like you and King Donald The Loser who desperately wants dictatorial powers.

    And, by the way, Lying Paul The Emeffer. If you had any real strength behind any of your comments, you wouldn’t have to hightail it out of here to find a new “safe space”. Wimp. But no, all you did was lie, deflect and back up every stupid thing Dear Leader does or says no matter what. No “leader”, especially such a weak and dangerous one like King Donald The Loser, is THAT perfect. You can’t think for yourself and you lie too often. I hope your new “friends” enjoy that sort of thing.

  3. Ken have you noticed many of the regulars on IJR are gone.
    I now spend more time on another blog site where ignorant Libby members do not post deflecting or projecting rhetoric or BS (like The termite, Phyllis and John). I will PM you with the blog I found if you are interested in checking it out.

  4. And do it like Iraq did after Sadam was dine away with. People voted and afterwards dipped their finger in methylin blue. No double voting there. The dye takes days to wash off.

  5. This just in,

    1600 ballots have just been “found”.
    These ballots were part of the July 2020 primary election in New Jersey.
    The only way to guarantee your vote gets counted is to vote in person, even though there have been problems there also.

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