Trump Calls for All Cases Stemming From Mueller Probe to Be ‘Thrown Out’

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for all cases stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election to be “thrown out” and suggested he could bring a lawsuit over the matter.

Trump made the comments hours before a telephone conference call between lawyers for the president’s former adviser, Roger Stone and prosecutors. Stone was convicted on seven counts of lying to the U.S. Congress, obstruction and witness tampering.

Prosecutors initially called for Stone to receive a prison sentence of between seven to nine years in the case but, after Trump publicly called the recommendation “unfair,” the Justice Department scaled it back. That sent shock waves through Washington and prompted all four prosecutors to quit the case and one to quit the agency.

“Everything having to do with this fraudulent investigation is … badly tainted and, in my opinion, should be thrown out,” Trump said in a series of tweets.

“If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place … BUT MAYBE I STILL WILL,” Trump continued.

Asked about Trump’s tweets on Tuesday in an interview with Fox News Channel, White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham alleged corruption and raised questions about the jury, adding: “He’s frustrated, obviously, and who knows what he’ll end up doing.”

Stone was one of several former Trump associates to have been charged in the Mueller probe and one of only two to go to trial instead of pleading guilty.

Trump’s tweets on Tuesday morning came days after the nation’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Bill Barr, said Trump’s tweets made it “impossible” to do his job.

In a letter on Monday, more than two thousand former Justice Department officials criticized the behavior by Barr and Trump around the Roger Stone case and said their actions “require Mr. Barr to resign.”

(Reporting by Makini Brice and Susan Heavey; Editing by Andrew Heavens and David Gregorio)


  1. Thus is an interesting read on how Trumpies got hoodwinked and ended up spreading Russian backed falsehoods. This was a well-coordinated campaign Hard to believe The Hill was so careless.

  2. I suggest someone write a book detailing all the Trumpian word re-definitions. I predict it would useful to those of us that have not joined the Cult of Trump, but also to future generations in understanding the presidency of Trump. It would be helpful to know WHAT you are referring to by terms such as Law and Order and Drain the Swamp. I only know what they mean to those of us OUTSIDE the cult but would love to know what they mean to Trumpers.

  3. What do you call 1000+ lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
    What do you call 1000+ lawyers who post online?

    Trump is setting the foundations for eventual pardons/commutations. This not only counters that letter (oh so effective…not) but will tie the Left in knots. He is a master of trollimg.

    1. OK, ST, I’ll take the first one: “What do you call 1000+ lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?”

      Easy! Not enough lawyers!!

    2. ST: You are correct sir!

      All this BS about judges (piss poor and clueless judges) organizing to oust Barr and Condemn Trump’s tweets regarding Stone, forget that he has the power of the pardon readily at hand!! His latest pardons are shots across the Dem’s bow, that he’s locked, loaded and ready to use it against the phony Russian collusion hoax.

        1. …and these were “justice officials” not necessarily judges, lawyers, or anything but bureaucrats. FORMER bureaucrats.

    3. I know what I’d call 1000+ lawyers hanging from a post at the end of a line. Again, not enough lawyers!!

      1. long-line fishing for sharks? They will eat their own, just like the Left.
        Oops. Sharks are an endangered and protected species in many nations. Lawyers not so much.

        I remember buying shark at Hunts Point market in NYC. They were practically giving it away and they said the only people who would buy it were the Chinese and the Italians. Chicken wings were around a quarter for two pounds for use in stocks.

    4. 1,000 + lawyers is too vague. Are you referring to Paul Manafort, Roy Cohn, Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, Gordon Caplan, Doug Collins, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr, Jim Jordan, Alan Dershowitz, Pam Bondi, Pat Cipollone, Lindsey Graham, Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas? There is not a profession that does not have good and evil. I don’t judge all in any profession by the WORST in the profession.

    1. Those 1100 ambulance chasers must all be D-rats, anti-Americans and dictator loving Fascists. Surely they’ll all vote for Commissar “Vladimir” Sanders, a useless loser for more than 40 years.

      1. The letter has been signed by over 2,000 former DOJ employees. The most vocal of the signatories is Don Ayer, who served as Barr’s Deputy AG in the George HW Bush White House.—Just a guess, but I don’t see him being a Democrat or voting for Bernie. Sorry, James, but the list includes both R’s and D’s.

        1. Do you understand the condition that makes Cult-45 and others like them only see black and white? It can’t be something as simple as their tribalism, but it would not surprize me if it is.

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