Trump Campaign Fires Back After Twitter Removes George Floyd Tribute Over Copyright

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is criticizing Twitter’s removal of a George Floyd video tribute over its policy on the use of copyrighted material.

On Thursday, the social network removed the footage from the tweet and replaced the media with the following alert: “This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

According to The Hill, Trump could be heard acknowledging the “grave tragedy” of Floyd’s death. He went on to discuss the protests and riots as he warned of “violence and anarchy” from “radical leftwing groups.”

Although Twitter has removed the clip, it is still visible on YouTube.

See the video below:

Following the removal of the tribute, Trump’s re-election campaign reached out to Twitter for answers despite the network insisting a report was received from the copyright owner.

Andrew Clark, a spokesman for the Trump campaign sent a statement to the network accusing it of “making up the rules as they go along.” He also accused Twitter of “manipulated media labels” and “questionable claims of copyright.”

“This incident is yet another reminder that Twitter is making up the rules as they go along,” Clark said.

Clark went on to suggest Twitter is responsible for “censoring out” the president’s message of unity.

“Censoring out the president’s important message of unity around the George Floyd protests is an unfortunate escalation of this double standard.”

The removal of Trump’s George Floyd tribute is the latest development in Trump’s strained relationship with the social network. Last Friday, Trump pushed back against Twitter after the network flagged multiple tweets for “glorifying violence.”

Although Clark argues that Trump’s video tribute was a message of unity, many have expressed concern about his response and handling of protesters insisting he is doing the exact opposite.

Democrats and Republicans alike have urged the president to tone down his rhetoric, some saying that his tweets are doing more harm than good.

In fact, on Wednesday, former Department of Defense Secretary James Mattis lambasted Trump as he said he has never seen a president as deliberately divisive as him, as previously reported on IJR.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mattis said, adding, “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort.”


  1. Bunker Baby’s media hit squad whining, complaining, and blaming
    their bullshit on everyone but themselves because they never do
    anything illegal or wrong.

    Just like their owner Bunker Baby

  2. There have been a lot of Twitter videos taken down. Reading Huffington Post articles have been near impossible as none of the videos are playable.

    This video is also ridiculous. If you think otherwise, tell me one peaceful protestor he has met with to discuss issues. Explain one change in policy he has put forth. He completely dismantled Obama’s prioritization of DOJ reviewing police brutality and localized police reform/improvements in 2017 and didn’t do anything to account for that. He has openly stated in rallies how police should rough people up during arrests. This man is not interested in solutions for this issue. He is part of the problem.

    1. That would be seeking to understand the protesters
      and attempting to create unity Phoenix.

      Bunker Baby doesn’t want to understand
      or be united with Uppity Negroes.

      He wants them DEAD.

      1. Not dead, but certainly more docile. Did you see the giant fence he put up 2 miles around the White House?

        Who knew he would be building a wall to keep out Americans.

        1. Yes, he finally got A wall, and WE have to pay for it.

          I wonder how long it will stay deployed. It won’t have good optics for his supporters.

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