Trump Campaign, RNC Rake in Whopping $86 Million in February

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that a combined $86 million was raised in the month of February for the campaign re-election of President Donald Trump.

On Monday, it was announced that the funds were collectively raised by three different networks: Republican Party, the president’s re-election campaign, and joint fundraising committees.

Over the last year, more than $607 million was raised and they reportedly have $225 million in available cash for Trump’s re-election campaign. February was also the best digital fundraising month since 2016, as the RNC said, The Hill reports.

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale released a statement in the wake of the record-breaking totals.

“President Trump continues to build momentum as people keep responding to his success his success of all Americans. With this unprecedented support, the President and the RNC are assembling an unstoppable juggernaut focused like a laser on November.”

In a tweet, he noted that the staggering total breaks down to $3 million a day in the month of February.

Following the statement released by Trump’s campaign manager, RNC spokesperson Ronna McDaniel also took to Twitter to congratulate the president.

It has been reported that Trump’s campaign has raked over 4 million voter contacts together with the RNC and joint fundraising committees.

McDaniel tweeted, “Our record-breaking fundraising speaks to the incredible enthusiasm we are seeing for [Donald Trump] and is fueling the greatest ground operation and grassroots army in history!”

The fundraising efforts for Trump’s re-election campaign nearly double the numbers generated by Democratic frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

According to The New York Times, Sanders had a record month for this year in February as he generated $46.5 million that month.

While the amount does give him a significant advantage over his Democratic counterparts, there are still concerns about his potential nomination for the party.

As previously reported on the IJR, the Democratic party still has concerns about whether or not he will be able to defeat Trump in the general election.


  1. And, that guy who runs the DNC says the Republicans are losing voters and not supporting Trump. Just more home made propaganda to feed HIS ego as a loser.

  2. Well after watching the circus at the debate (those CBS folks need some professional help to be effective at their jobs) and then so many people thinking that Socialism would be good for , well anybody, would seem to be the reason for this surge.
    Too bad kids today aren’t taught the truth about history and facism, socialism and communism.

    How many people were complaining that trump was a fascist and now they think socialism is the way to go with Bernie.
    People are stupid- possibly just ignorant- it depends

    1. “How many people were complaining that trump was a fascist” Captain Snowflake

      [raises hand]

      I call the Dear Leader out for being fascist here every chance that I can because, well…, he is one. If YOU don’t acknowledge that, then YOU are just as dangerous as he is.

      1. Now how many times do you have to be educated in the FACT the Socialists/Communists – like you – are the anti-capitalism FASCISTS? Wake up. Pay attention. Twisting the facts only make you a liar.

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