Trump Fires Back After Obama Criticized His Administration

President Donald Trump is not taking too well to his predecessor’s criticism of his administration. 

During a commencement address on Saturday, former President Barack Obama criticized the Trump administration and claimed, “A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

On Sunday, Trump was asked about Obama’s comments, he responded, “Look, he was an incompetent president that’s all I can say.”

“Grossly incompetent,” he added.

Watch the video below: 

During a virtual commencement address delivered to historically black colleges, Obama took a swipe at Trump’s administration. 

“More than anything, this pandemic has fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing,” he said.

He added, “A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

In recent days, Obama has been more vocal in his opposition to Trump. During a phone call with former members of his administration, Obama was heard criticizing the federal government’s coronavirus response, as IJR reported.

“It would have been bad even with the best of governments. It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset — of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘to heck with everybody else’ — when that mindset is operationalized in our government,” Obama said.

He also called the government’s response “spotty” and an “absolute chaotic disaster.”

But, Trump has claimed that if the coronavirus response is a “disaster,” it is at least partially Obama’s fault. In April, Trump said, “The last administration left us nothing. We started off with bad, broken tests, and obsolete tests.”

However, Trump said he believes the coronavirus response may be “our best work.”


  1. Obama, the great divider and criticizer in chief. Besides doing everything to derail America, he constantly complained about America at home and over seas. Obama’s still doing it.

  2. Obozo had his chance to destroy America, now he needs to zip his lips. Remember the Louisiana Flood when Obozo was golfing at Martha’s Vinyard?

  3. “In April, Trump said, “The last administration left us nothing. We started off with bad, broken tests, and obsolete tests.” Bradley Cortright

    Bradley Cortright is being an irresponsible journalist by including these comments and not dispelling them with the truth. Tsk, tsk, Bradley.

  4. And yet you knew what was intended. And since no specific agency is named capitalization is unnecessary. Stop being a know it all.

  5. I agree with the President, Obama was grossly incompetent and really has no room to criticize him or any other President. It’s a waste of time to listen to him when all he did was talk shit and walk all over our constitution. He was the first president to weaponize the intelligence against not only the incoming President but also against the American people. History very soon will bear this out. It will eventually be described as the first attempt ever of a “Coup” in this countries history.

      1. And yet you knew what was intended. And since no specific agency is named capitalization is unnecessary. Stop being a know it all.

  6. This particular thread proves what I have been saying all along. Obama is was and always will be the most rascist person in America. Our nation was getting along pretty good until he took office and started enabling black lives matter (as if white and brown don’t) “never proud of America” wife should have taken him back to Africa where he belongs. His bigotry against whites, religion, Christians and Americans has infected the Democrats, liberals, illegals till they can’t stand anyone with a brain or common sense to be in office or on the streets. Yes, this virus is a hoax instead of fighting it head on like we have done with every other virus, flu, smallpox, cancer etc. we have chosen to run and hide and devastate American businesses and freedoms. When Trump tried to close the borders, Pelosi screamed at him for not letting illegals continue coming into US. Now she blasts him for not acting soon enough and Democrat governors are giving aid to illegals instead of citizens and blasting trump for not funding enough which they then funnel into abortions, and other non relief related areas. Before Obama, this was a free nation. Free to live and free to die but Obamacare has changed all that. Now the state decides who and what is essential and non-essential. STUPID! Dog groomers- essential, people groomers- non essential. Pet care-essential, child care- non essential. Let’s get real! Let Trump open America and let us live life not hide in fear.

    1. It looks like not a single thing you’ve said here is true, and you said many things.

      1. Proof? Here’s some. Michelle Obama was not proud of America until her limp twisted husband finagled his way into the White House. President Trump tried to close the borders, correct?
        Like must Democrats without criticism you’d have nothing to say.

    2. Okay, I’ll try to pick a couple of points here.

      You seem to believe that black lives shouldn’t matter. That’s kind of the point of the black lives matter meme; that they should matter as much as everybody else’s, that police and racists get away too easy with killing too many of them. Complaining about that is not the same as “Down with white folk,” which is how a racially prejudiced person would construe it.

      We’ve never had something like this Corona virus hit us. It spreads like crazy; the known infections here were doubling about every two weeks. Best guess from China was that from 0.5% to 3% of infected people would die. If half the country caught it, that would mean 700,000 to 5 million dead. The 1918 Spanish flu infected a quarter of the US, when the country only had 105 million people (a third of the present day number), and up to 800,000 died of it. People in 1918 didn’t invest in medicine like they do today; when there were too many deathly sick people for the hospitals, they let them die at home, or built tents outside the hospitals, and served the patients tea and blotted off their sweat, and let them die out there. Today, if you pushed 5 million dying and seriously or critically ill people into the hospitals, health care breaks down. People with treatable heart attacks or septic shock or organ failure would see their odds of surviving driven way down. It’s not as if this is a disease that affects only the very old, either. Some few kids die from it. A larger number of 20-somethings die. Still more in their 30s do. Risk goes up with every decade. Risk also goes up for smokers, fat people, diabetics, asthmatics, and people with bad hearts. This is America, and those categories cover at least a quarter of everyone who’s not old. So, getting a grip on the rate of spread was critical, because just letting it go wild was a worse outcome (and don’t tell me that a million people dying wouldn’t have had any impact on business or the economy!) Fighting it like smallpox or other viruses would mean many years of science behind the fight, and vaccines in hand. We don’t have a vaccine yet. We don’t even know how many people have caught it and shown no symptoms, because we can’t do enough tests. We mainly only test people who a sick and are strongly suspected of having it.

      Dog groomers versus people groomers. My dog groomer is opening up next week. My barber isn’t. The dog hairdresser can’t catch COVID from my dog, and he can’t catch it from her. My barber is another story. He can catch it from a customer, and pass it on to me. It’s not like how essential either one is; it’s a matter of risk.

      And, the economy boomed along under Obama. Unemployment shrank every year, the stock market grew every year, and GDP grew every year. It grew a bit slower that people wanted, but it all grew. Trump inherited an economy in great shape that hadn’t seen a recession since 2009, and it continued to perform, at about the same rates. But Trump lies about Obama, and so do Hannity and Limbaugh, and their wall of lies has become a kind of folk wisdom for people on the unthinking right. So it’s hard to get through with the obvious facts.

      1. Wow, Delbert, it appears MOST of what YOU said is also factually incorrect, and YOU said a lot as well. We most certainly have had something like the Coronavirus happen… fact we have had numerous things like the Coronavirus happen. You even named one of them yourself.

        Second, dogs can indeed transmit the coronavirus to people and vice versa.

        Third, the economy didn’t “boom” under Obama….of course, men do tend to over exaggerate things so your definition of “boom” might not be equal to mine….so let’s just put the numbers side by side. CLEARLY the BOOM has happened in the last four years, and it certainly didn’t happen as a continuation of any of Obama’s policies because (if you would note) Trump promptly threw out ALL of Obama’s policies the minute he set foot in office.

        I’m gonna stop there cause I’ve made my point. You really should check your facts before you criticize someone else for spreading false ones.

        1. According to the CDC, nope, no sign humans can get it from dogs. Tigers, maybe.
          The flu is “like” coronavirus, in that it’s a virus, and people get sick from it. Coronavirus may spread faster than the flu. The 1918 flu had a high death rate.
          The economy didn’t boom under Obama; it just grew without stopping. It carried on at the same rate under Trump. No faster, really. Presidents don’t make the economy grow, anyway. Business expansion and human optimism make it grow. Tax cuts can’t be proven to work, either. Not Trump’s, not even Kennedy’s.
          Look at Business Insider, 9-charts-comparing-trump-economy-to-obama-bush-administrations. Trump’s had a good economy; he’s been coasting along at the same rate as Obama.

    1. Every president became wealthy after leaving office. You’re a president, you write your memoirs, a publisher gives you a $4 million advance. You get a publicity agent, and companies and foundations line up to pay you $100,000 to get you to give a speech.

        1. It worked for Reagan. It worked for Clinton (who was nearly bankrupted when he left office, from all the lawsuits.) It worked for Bush. It worked for all of them the same as for Obama. Even Carter, who wants to avoid the spotlight and hammer nails for poor people’s houses, made a bunch of cash from several books.

  7. Randie: Trump Created the shit he’s in and has infected much of the country with-because he is inept, like you! He did not have the tools to be President; Damn, he can’t read!….If you can’t read, you can’t function.

    1. under your messiah Hussein Obama’s rule, what started in January would not have improved much and we would have been told to learn to live under “new normal”.

      you know the phrase “new normal” coined by your messiah, don’t you?

    2. You’re hilarious. Until this suspicious virus hit this country President Trumps statistics and decisions far outweighed the previous incompetent. Perhaps you can read but your punctuation is far from correct.

  8. Obama is irrelevant. The questions to ask of naysayers are …what would you have done in such an unprecedented crisis. Obama never even refilled PPE supplies. He was a lot of talk and tried to make every issue racial. For those who said someone else would have closed the borders sooner. Really? Trump got criticized for that, but he evidently had foresight others lacked. All the so-called experts change their minds from day to day. Fauci thought this wouldn’t amount to much, but a week later changed his tune. Doctors in the field who are actually treating people with hydroxychloroquine successfully are more credible than Fauci. Is money the issue? We cannot relies upon experts alone to save us. Educate ourselves and take the best care of ourselves as possible which includes eating better, taking immune boosting vitamins and getting proper rest. And hey, Obama…that includes you too despite your irrelevant remarks.

    1. This proves Trump supporters are idiots and/or brainwashed. First it was proven there was a supply of PPE’s. Maybe not as much as there shoujld be, BUT TRUMP HAD 2 1/2 YEARS TO FILL THEM. Why don’t you blame him. Trump had a foresight? You got to be kidding! While other countries were preparing for Corvid-19, Trump called Corvid-19 a hoax, didn’t call it a pandemic, blamed the democrats, said it will disappear in April, etc. I am sorry, I don’t call this “foresight before anyone”. I can’t believe you even believe the stuff you wrote. If you do, I have ocean front property to sell you in Iowa.

      1. vote for your guy in November…..the demented gaffe miester biden.

        He has answers to any and all problems.

      2. WOW, bill the nincompoop and johnny the butt, were you born of the same mother??? Niether one of you have even a miniscule amount of intelligence. You both sound just like a a a a a a communist useful idiot. Please you two are irrelevant so just STFU!!!!!!!

        1. Except for silly name calling what else have you got? No one would miss you if you took your childishness elsewhere.

      3. Bill – Perhaps you should look at Obama’s record against H1N1. 60.8 million cases in one year under his watch, with no response from Obama.

  9. Thank God we have President Trump. No one else could handle all the shit he has. If it weren’t for him being President, we would be screwed royally. He must win re-election or the Swamp Wins.
    The Charges are coming daily now and the entire Obama admin. will go down.

    1. Please tell me how he is the best thing. We still don’t have enough test, he didn’t follow the rules of wearing masks when he went to visit places, he called it a hoax, he blamed the democrats, he said corvid-19 will disappear, he has lied to America. I am neither a democrat and republican. All I am a proud American who is embarrassed of our “president”.

      1. If the supplies had not been depleted by the past idiot in chief and not replenished…. but I digress. Proud American! Really? Better get over your embarrassment. He’ll be around for 4 MORE YEARS!

    2. As they should. What a gaggle of corrupt hatefilled lunatics. And what President comes back to criticize the sitting President? None that I remember. He keeps shooting his mouth off and digging himself in deeper. Fingers crossed!

  10. You need to make an appointment with your therapist STAT. You’ve been indoctrinated.

  11. trumpuke, all of his administration, apologists, cabinet, enablers, staff, and supporters are a virulent, metastatic cancer assaulting and infecting the Consitutional, Democratic, Rule Of Law foundations of the USA. They are all Anti-America scum.

    1. Johnny,you need to re-evaluate you life.The most anti-American prez was that lying,appeasing fake half white ugly scumbag,moslum loving traitor obummer. I know you would love to suck on his pee-pee,but he would take you in the butt!

    2. WOW, johnny the butt. If we are metastic cancer then that would make you ruthless, lying, deceitful, hateful, racist America hater. Do not ever give me the crap that you care for America. You are the party of totalitarian rule and only desire the worst for Her. You know NOTHING about the “rule of law” so stop with the lying. You have just committed treason by trying to remove a sitting President with lies and manipulation. All you Obama lovers are. plain and simply, leeches on America and should be sprayed to keep the infestation down.

      1. You simply MUST pull your head out of your ass when trying to communicate other wise you sound like the shit you are Bob.

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