Trump Does Not Answer if He Still Has Confidence in Barr: 'Ask Me That in a Number of Weeks'


President Donald Trump is not saying if he still has confidence in Attorney General William Barr after the attorney general said the Department of Justice (DOJ) has not yet found evidence of voter fraud.

Trump has refused to concede the election and has instead continued to make baseless allegations that there was widespread fraud that tilted the results in favor of President-elect Joe Biden

During an event at the White House on Thursday, Trump was asked about Barr’s comments on alleged voter fraud and “why is now not the time to concede” the election.

“Well, [Barr] hasn’t done anything,” Trump said, adding, “So, he hasn’t looked. When he looks, he’ll see the kind of evidence that right now you are seeing in the Georgia Senate.”

“They are going through hearings right now in Georgia, and they are finding tremendous volumes. So they haven’t looked very hard. Which is a disappointment to be honest,” Trump added.

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He went on the call the election “the most fraudulent election that anyone’s ever seen.”

A reporter asked, “Do you still have confidence in Bill Barr?”

Trump paused for a few seconds, then said, “Ask me that in a number of weeks from now.”

“They should be looking at all of this fraud. This is not civil. He thought it was civil. This is not civil. This is criminal stuff. This is very bad criminal stuff,” he added.

The president then claimed that his election day lead in several states began to “miraculously” disappear as the days went on.

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In the lead up to the election, experts warned that there could be a “red mirage” where Trump appeared to be leading in states on election night due to the in-person votes. But as mail-in votes were counted, his lead could vanish.

Despite Trump’s repeated claims of fraud, Barr said, “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

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He also suggested that many of the Trump campaign’s allegations should be addressed in civil lawsuits and not by the DOJ.

The Trump campaign’s legal team fired back in a statement and claimed that “there hasn’t been any semblance” of an investigation into the campaign’s allegations.

The statement also alleged that the campaign has provided “ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states, which they have not examined.”

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