Trump: Politicians Have to Be ‘Civil’ but If They’re Not ‘You Have to Fight Back’

President Donald Trump said politicians must be civil, but if they’re not, “you have to fight back.”

During a Fox News town hall in Pennsylvania, the president was asked by a supporter — who said members of her family have stopped talking to her because of her support for Trump — how he would bring the country together.

“I gave an answer before —success. But, it’s truly a little more than that cause we’ve had great success, and there’s division there’s no question about it. Politicians have to be able to be civil, if they’re not you have to fight back.”

Additionally, Trump said he sees many opportunities to work with Democratic members of Congress to solve the issues many Americans care about. 

“There’s so many things we can do,” Trump said, adding, “We could do even so much more. We talked about a great question on the border, and the border question’s true, but we should get rid of the loopholes. You can’t do it without Democratic votes.”

He also predicted that he would win the election. He suggested that after his re-election, the Democrats would “get along.”

“I really believe we’re going to win this next election. And when we do, the other side will say, ‘Okay, that’s it. Let’s get along. I really believe that,” Trump said. 

Watch his answer below:

Earlier in the town hall, Trump was asked by a different attendee about the political climate, and if there was a way for him to “deliver your message without the controversial rhetoric.”

Trump responded, claiming that “the country is far more united than people think” and defended his attacks on political rivals. 

“I think the way we unite is really through success. But, when they hit us, we have to hit back,” Trump said, adding, “There’s two ways of doing it, turning your cheek. But I wouldn’t be sitting up there if I turned my cheek.” 

Additionally, Trump said he has to “fight back” to counter what he sees as unfair coverage by the news media. He added, “We have to fight back. If we don’t fight back, you won’t be a fan of mine very long.”

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  1. Yea peenix, he is interested in uniting this nation except your communist party doesn’t want any part of it. They want to continue their fight to undo the election of 2016. We have let your party have your way for WAAAAAAAAAY to long and now we are fighting back and you don’t like it. You and your party are disgusting not the President. Keep fighting President Trump.

    1. No, Bob, he is not interested in uniting the country. Through his lies, insults and twitters he proves Phoenix’s point of his being a disgusting human being. With all DUE respect, Bob, will be butt-lickers such as you, that could hasten a downturn in our nation’s respect from others in the country, as well as our (former?) allies.

      1. Visible evidence shows the US has done a 180 degree turn UP and away from its’ near demise under the inept Muslim Marxist who was masquerading as a “Christian” DemocRAT. Figures don’t lie and Liars can’t figure.

  2. So he has no interest in uniting anything and is going to keep saying whatever is in his head with no filter regardless of how uncomfortable it makes people to see from the country’s leader.

    He would be so much more palatable as a president to me if he just wasn’t such a disgusting person.

    1. Maybe the thin skinned people shouldn’t listen to him then. I like a man who says what he means and means what he says unlike some present day Socialist/Communist/demented politicians who say what YOU want them to say; but not mean a single word – or remember what they said, why or where.

      1. I don’t have an issue saying what you mean, but at that level people should be able to say what they mean in a way that is constructive. I haven’t seen much of that from either side. The people who are able to do that don’t seem to be able to rile a base. There is a time and place the say what you want to say the way you want to say it – i just don’t really need to see when a leader does it.

        If you think its being thin skinned – i think its pretty predictable reaction from people that they are going to dig in if you come at them like that in public.

        And James, come on. We have talked enough for you to know I’m not a communist nor have i ever supported one. 🙂

        1. I did not infer YOU are a Communist. I was referring to politicians. However, I do understand your anti-Trump stance; which is okay as long as FACTS are used during conversations and not a packet of slanderous, manufactured lies to support a personal, Socialist narrative (you know who I’m referring to). Not everyone pays close attention to this President’s accomplishments and that he is NOT the cookie cutter type President I am personally familiar with since FDR in the 1930’s (Yes, I was alive back then). Trump is his own man doing what he does best: building and managing unlike his inept and corrupt predecessors – Barry Soetoro/Joe Biden.

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