Trump Scorches Fauci: ‘Tony Threw Out Perhaps the Worst First Pitch in the History of Baseball!’

President Donald Trump is not holding much back when it comes to his thoughts on Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House coronavirus task force.

After noting Fauci’s remarks that the White House has controlled when he can talk to the media, Trump said on Twitter Monday afternoon, “He seems to get more airtime than anybody since the late, great, Bob Hope.”

“All I ask of Tony is that he make better decisions,” Trump added.

The president then took aim at the top infectious disease expert’s previous pitch during the Washington Nationals opening day game in July. His pitch did not go as expected and the video went viral.

“Also, Bad arm!” Trump continued in his tweet, before suggesting Fauci “threw out perhaps the worst first pitch in the history of Baseball.”

“P.S. Tony should stop wearing the Washington Nationals’ Mask for two reasons. Number one, it is not up to the high standards that he should be exposing. Number two, it keeps reminding me that Tony threw out perhaps the worst first pitch in the history of Baseball!”

Trump previously took aim at Fauci’s pitch. The president also reportedly swiped at Fauci during a call with campaign staffers on Monday, where he said, “People are tired of Covid. People are saying, ‘Whatever, just leave us alone.’ People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots.”

The president’s remarks regarding Fauci’s “60 Minutes” interview come as the infectious disease expert said during that interview that the White House has controlled when he can speak to the media, as IJR reported.

“Can you understand the frustration that maybe there’s been a restriction on the flow of information?” CBS’ Dr. Jon LaPook asked.

Fauci responded, “There has been a restriction…but, it isn’t consistent.”

Trump and Fauci have made remarks about one another, especially recently when Fauci said the president took his comments out of context when using a clip of him in a campaign advertisement.


  1. So, Trump does not take the advice of a public health expert because he is not a great baseball pitcher and he gets more airtime than he does???? When Trumpism disappears, the comedy writers will actually need to WORK to provide us with the comedic relief Trump does. YES, if we don’t laugh, we will cry.

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