Trump Takes Shot at DeSantis While He Handles Hurricane: 'What a Shame for Florida'


It has long been known that if there is a norm in politics former President Donald Trump will burst through it like the Kool-Aid man — at least online.

So it should not come as too much of a surprise that while his primary rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), is handling the fallout of Hurricane Idalia in his state, the former president could not resist taking a shot at him.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “So now it is learned that Governor Ron DeSanctimonious unnecessarily approved a 20% hike in Florida Electricity Rates, the largest in history (by far!), after taking a 9.5 Million Dollar Campaign Contribution from ‘money machine’ Florida Power and Light, and subsidiaries.”

“Next up to check out is the Insurance Industry, where DeSanctus gave up the store. His campaign and poll numbers have ‘CRASHED’ to a point where it doesn’t much matter anymore, but what a shame for Florida!” he added.

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Typically, taking cheap political shots at an elected official dealing with an emergency is not a good look.

Now, a leader dealing with a natural disaster or other emergency does not make them immune from criticism. In fact, if they were falling on their face in their response to such a situation, they should be called out for it.

Sometimes that pressure can lead competent officials to get their act together when it comes to the government’s response.

Yet that is not what Trump is posting about here. Instead, this is just a typical post about politics.

And it comes as DeSantis has a great opportunity to show off his management skills and look like a serious, competent leader who can focus on the needs of constituents over politics.

On Wednesday morning, a reporter asked the governor if he had a response to Trump’s lack of comment about the hurricane.

“That’s not my concern,” the governor responded immediately, adding, “My concern is protecting the people of Florida.”

Trump’s post and the video above create a great comparison for voters.

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While DeSantis has been handling a storm, a survey of Trump’s Truth Social feed shows him whining and claiming he did not lose Georgia in 2020, attacking DeSantis, whining about the criminal charges against him, attacking President Joe Biden, and mocking Fox News’ ratings for the first 2024 presidential primary debate.

And in the midst of his grievance-fest, he forgot to send out even a cursory message to encourage the people he is claiming to fight for to be safe until the eye of the storm had passed through Florida and was starting to lose strength.

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