Trump Tells Iran’s Supreme Leader to ‘Make Iran Great Again’ After He Calls POTUS a ‘Clown’

President Donald Trump is tweaking his “Make America Great Again” slogan as he is pushing back on criticism from Iran’s supreme leader.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered a sermon on Friday where he blasted the U.S. for the death of late top Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, as well as praised Iran’s missile strike on American troops in Iraq in response to the death of Soleimani.

Khamenei also took a swipe at some of Trump’s comments — explaining that the Trump administration “will continue to stand with” the people of Iran — on Twitter.

He wrote, “If you are standing by the Iranian [people], it is only to stab them in the heart with your venomous daggers. Of course, you have so far failed to do so, [and] you will certainly continue to fail.”

During Friday’s sermon, Khamenei called Trump a “clown” who, he claims, pretends to support Iran but wants to “push a poisonous dagger” into its back, as Politico reported.

Additionally, Khamenei called the past two weeks “extraordinary and eventful,” as well as “bitter and sweet events.”

“The fact that Iran has the power to give such a slap to a world power shows the hand of God,” Khamenei said, referring to the Jan. 8 missile strike on U.S. troops in retaliation to the Soleimani’s death on Jan. 3.

In response to Khamenei, Trump swiped back at the supreme leader in a tweet on Friday evening.

“The noble people of Iran—who love America—deserve a government that’s more interested in helping them achieve their dreams than killing them for demanding respect,” Trump wrote.

The president added, “Instead of leading Iran toward ruin, its leaders should abandon terror and Make Iran Great Again!”


  1. No baal paul, he was a terrorist and we did exactly what we needed to do.. We killed him and now the world has one less terrorist to worry about except for the demonrat/communist party, your party.

  2. “Was there any greater clown show than the Iranians shooting down an airliner filled with hundreds of its own people?” Craig

    Yeah. The U.S. With all of our great technogy, we couldn’t figure out that one of THEIR airliners was not a threat and WE blew THEM out of the air.

  3. Was there any greater clown show than the Iranians shooting down an airliner filled with hundreds of its own people? The Supreme Sheethead is now wearing a sad clown face with tears drawn on it.

    1. The only “sheethead” that our glorious leader will put over his head when he tells Melanomia that he has a secret leader with his “bedroom cabinet.”

  4. Here’s why I will never take LGBTQ activists and *ahem* groups like Margaret Atwood and her handmaids seriously.

    What are you doing about REAL persecutions and oppressions in the Middle East and elsewhere? It’s fine to perform in safe 1st world nations, but what are you are you REALLY doing for the truly oppressed?

    I’d like to see these protesters go to these countries and demonstrate. Until then they are poseurs and cowards. Wear your handmaid’s cosplay costumes in Saudi Arabia or Iran. See how far you’ll get. Hold hands or kiss publicly your same-sex partner. You’ll likely be tortured or murdered.

    Posturing cowards. Demand a Muslim bakery make you a cake.

    1. Your post is why I never take you seriously. Atwood is Canadian and their Charter of Freedoms includes equality as does the U.S. Constitution. Saudi Arabia and Iran do not promote themselves as a beacon of equality and human rights. Perhaps before anyone visits the Middle East to promote gay rights, the U.S. should address the rise in attacks on gays in the U.S. But the real reason I don’t take you seriously is you have suggested numerous times Gay rights groups go to the Middle East YER you never have suggested the gun rights groups travel to Iran and Saudi Arabia to promote your “More guns is the answer to everything” mentality. WHY not?

  5. Maybe Cockamamie ought to examine his own role in his country’s troubles instead of blaming others.

    That’s what weak leaders do. q.v. #44 constantly blaming #43 but failing to actually address the problems.

    1. LOL….so you are saying Obama was ranked 12th BEST POTUS because he did not address any problems? Was it Trump that saved the American auto industry? Was it Trump that saved the economy from an economic depression? The 36 months prior to Trump, 7.96 million jobs were created—Trump’s 36 month total comes to 6.69 million. Even by Trumpian math, Trump has less. The U.S. has had 111 consecutive months of job growth– 75 of THOSE months occurred under Obama. The guy who claimed Obama’s economic #’s were phony, is now touting his “111 consecutive month record” when he has only been in office 36 months.—Trumpian logic is amazing.

    2. Unfortunately, there are still believe that Trump is the “cockamamie” that you refer to. Isn’t that sad and tragic for our country? Thank you, this time, for your comment.

  6. This sheethead shoot down an airliner filled with his own countrymen and he calls Trump a clown?

  7. Supreme Leader of Iran….your top general was smoked and buried in smoldering metal of a drone strike, your people hate you…take the easy way out and just off yourself like the coward and clown you are. Bye bye.

    1. Betsy, thank you for description of the death of the Leader of Iran. I do know, with your knowledge of history,, that you wish the same to our Supreme Leader of anti- Constitutional braggadocio. Thank you, on the behalf of the American believers.

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