Trump Claims the US Would Have Been at War If He Lost in 2016

President Donald Trump celebrated a historic peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel on Thursday in an Oval Office appearance and touted his foreign policy accomplishments.

The president said, “I remember when I was elected, they said, ‘The war will start with somebody within days,’ and I’ve kept us out of war. You look at North Korea, everybody said — including President Obama — that’s the biggest problem. Everybody said you’d be at war, well, we’re not at war.”

He added, “You would have been at war if I wasn’t elected, if it was somebody else.”

Trump went on to praise the new deal between the countries and said that the Palestinians may be brought to the table, saying, “I think you’ll be seeing some very exciting things. Including ultimately with the Palestinians. I think that’s going to be happening at some point because it makes a lot of sense for them to let it happen.”

When asked if he supports annexation of Palestinian land, Trump said, “We’re talking to Israel about that right now.”

Trump has enjoyed a good relationship with embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and in January, the Trump administration announced a plan that would recognize Israel’s settlements in the West Bank.

The U.S. president has had a complicated relationship with North Korea, which seemed to be a major foreign accomplishment. He made history in July of 2019 when he became the first US president in history to step foot in North Korea.

The talks with the North Koreans lasted for years but have since deteriorated. In April of 2018, Trump announced that the North Koreans “agreed to denuclearization.”

But a recent United Nations report found that not only are the North Koreans still working on their nuclear program, but they have also likely succeeded in building “miniaturized nuclear devices to fit into the warheads of its ballistic missiles.”


  1. Delbert have you taken the Medicare annual cognitive test? If not, you should.

  2. Yeah, we ought to get him the Nobel Peace Prize and put his ass up on Mount Rushmore, and while we’re at it, make Ivanka the US’s first princess. Oh, and then legalize incest, so he can finally bang her. Half of these proposals have already actually been made! Can you guess which, and by whome?

  3. Hmm…as if a “cold” Civil War hasn’t been ongoing since 2016.

    Look at the current violent antics by the Left’s Antifa infants and the Belligerent Lying Marxists during their “peaceful protests”.

    I expect them to further escalate when Trump wins in 2020.

  4. Does anyone know to whom Trump is referring as “everybody said we’d be at war [with North Korea].” Who does Trump talk to? Senators Cotton and Graham? Everybody did say that North Korea was NOT going to give up their nuclear program—and they did not.

  5. King Donald The Loser is such an alpha male that he won’t even release his school transcripts to show up someone that he thinks is dumb.

    He won’t do it because he doesn’t want to be put down for being so stupid that he had to pay some to take his SAT test. Come on!

    And he wants to play “What if…” with history? What a loser!

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