Alleged Tucker Carlson Fan Calls Into Fox News to Prank the Network on Live TV


Fox News cut off a caller who claimed to have information about a shooting when it became clear that was not the case.

Fox News’ Trace Gallagher was covering a shooting at Morgan State University on Tuesday night when he took a call from someone identified as Tyrone who claimed to be a student who had information about the incident.

“We’re about to talk to another student, his name is Tyrone, and he’s telling us that this might have been over a poker game,” Gallagher said.

He asked, “What exactly happened? What transpired?”

“Well, first we were watching — we all get together every Tuesday night and we watch Tucker Carlson’s show on X,” the caller responded. X was formerly known as Twitter.

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He went on, “We used to watch him on Fox News, obviously he’s not there no more, and still being the most credible guy in the media in America, we always get together to watch Tucker Carlson.”

Finally, he said, “And I think he’s doing probably better now that he’s not with Fox News because the corporate media always controls what the teleprompter readers are able to say, and now that he doesn’t have that hand up his back…”

Watch the video below:

Gallagher interjected as he cut off the caller, “Thank you, Tyrone. Maybe we can work to get Don back on the phone.”

“Clearly that was not a student at Morgan State University. Um, we’re trying to work to get Don, who apparently is a student at Morgan State University,” he added.

The incident comes months after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was fired from the network, and as he has started his version of a show on X.

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