Tucker Carlson Suggests 'Emptiness' in Lindsey Graham's 'Personal Life' Is Leading to His Support of Ukraine


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is suggesting Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) support for Ukraine is driven by some “emptiness” in him.

During a segment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, the host played a clip of Graham talking about the situation in Ukraine.

“How does this war end?” the senator asked. “When Russia breaks and they take Putin out. Anything short of that, the war’s gonna continue. To ask the Ukrainians to give Russia part of their country after all this death and destruction is not gonna happen.”

He continued, “To signal a ceasefire, Russia will take the opportunity to rearm and come at them again. So, we’re in it to win it and the only way you’re gonna win it is to break the Russian military and have somebody in Russia take Putin out.”

Carlson reacted to the senator’s comments, “It’s really hard to overstate how crazy this is.”

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“And you don’t want to play shrink and wonder about, you know, what emptiness at the core of Lindsey Graham’s personal life causes him to identify so strongly with a country he’s not a citizen of? Something’s going on there,” he claimed.

Watch the video below:

Carlson took aim at Graham’s comments as he said, “The effect is incredibly reckless and crazy. Take out Putin. Putin’s bad, kill him! Fine.”

“What happens then?” he asked. “Well, the world’s largest land mass falls into ungovernable chaos. And that country has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. What happens to all those weapons … in a country with a lot of people who hate us?”

His comments appear to be a veiled reference to the suggestion Graham is gay.

This is an idea that has been shared on other networks, such as MSNBC and ABC, and now it has made its way to Fox News.

Needless to say, lawmakers can support defending another country from a larger belligerent nation that decided to launch an unprovoked war on its neighbor, practically leveled towns, and killed civilians, without having an “emptiness” caused by their lifestyle.

Being a politician and a public figure opens you and your decisions up to criticism — and even gross allegations.

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And Graham’s comments about breaking the Russian military, or people killing or deposing Russian President Vladimir Putin, probably are not the best for whatever diplomatic relations exist between the U.S. and Russia.

So they are fair game for criticism and people expressing concern about his vision for how the war in Ukraine should end.

But this is 2022 and the suggestion Graham is being manipulated because he is gay, to attack him, is childish and reminiscent of high school behavior.

It is just weird.

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