Twitter Baffled by Video of Former NFL Quarterback Seemingly Getting Struck by Lightning


A video showing a former NFL quarterback seemingly get struck by lightning appears to be confusing the internet.

Amy Dash, legal analyst for CBS Sports Radio, shared the video on Twitter, showing what looks like former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees getting struck by lightning while filming a commercial for PointsBet.

Watch the video below:

The reactions began pouring in with one user asking, “Is this real?”

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Another user tweeted, “I don’t wanna jump to conclusions here but this seems fake …. Has any Super Bowl champ ever been struck by lightening before? I’m going to say no.”

One tweet joked, “Sports news in the past 24 hours has sounded like a parody movie, wtf is going on?”

Was this a good marketing idea?

Check out more reactions below:

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It was later confirmed to be a publicity stunt.

Brees texted ESPN’s Saints reporter, Kat Terrell, to confirm he was fine.

“I just texted Drew Brees. He said he’s good and that he did not get struck by lightning,” Terrell tweeted.

Additionally, PointsBet took to Twitter to acknowledge the coverage around Brees.

“We are in communication with Brees’ team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment,” the company wrote.

A little while later, the company shared another video of Brees inside of an ambulance.

“Time to let you in on a little fun we’ve had with [Drew Brees] guys. He’s alive and well and ‘buzzing’ for a weekend of free bets. Keep your eyes on our channels all weekend for bet drops for US vs. Netherlands, College Football and NFL,” the tweet stated.

At the end of the video, Brees is seen getting out of the ambulance, saying, “I got to get back to set, finish this commercial.”

As he jumps out, Brees is again shown being struck by fake lightning.

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