Twitter Users Tear Into Montana After Residents Vote 'No' on Measure to Protect Babies Following Birth


Pro-life Twitter users voiced their outrage with Montana after residents rejected a measure to protect babies after they are born.

The New York Times reported the measure, known as Referendum 131, would “criminalize health care providers who do not make every effort to save the life of an infant ‘born during an attempted abortion’ or after labor or C-section.”

More than 50% voted “no” while 47.4% voted “yes” with 92% of the votes in.

Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson tweeted, “I’m horrified that even ONE person would vote in Montana to deny babies healthcare after they’ve already been born. They’re basically saying they want the babies left out to die.”

She added, “We need Jesus to save our nation. Desperately.”

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One user wrote, “I don’t know how to process this. Montana voters were asked whether babies born alive should be given basic human necessities… and 226K people said no.”

Another argued the country “deserve the judgment we will face for our wickedness.”

Are you "horrified" by the vote?

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Hillary-Anne Crosby, a spokesperson for the organization Compassion for Montana Families that opposed the measure, issued a statement calling it a “win.”

She explained it “sends a clear message to state leadership: Montanans demand our right to make private health care decisions for ourselves and our families with the help of our trusted medical teams — and without interference from politicians.”

According to The Associated Press, protections for abortion were enshrined by voters into state constitutions in Michigan, California and Vermont.

Frank Cannon, longtime political strategist for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, told The New York Times the pro-life movement “has to do better. The political element of the pro-life movement has to step up.”

He added, “Without that we are going to be in trouble.”

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