Van Jones Weighs in on Trump’s Overnight Tweets Amid Minneapolis Protests

CNN commentator Van Jones is weighing in on President Donald Trump’s overnight tweets about the ongoing protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During an appearance on the network, Jones described the president’s tweets as “inappropriate” and “irresponsible” as he offered an explanation for his opinion.

“I think it was highly inappropriate for the president to say that for a number of reasons,” Jones said, adding, “One: That’s not the standard of the law. You use deadly force to protect life. You don’t use deadly force to protect property. And so, it’s just a misstatement of the law.”

Jones went on to stress how imperative it is for Trump to strike the right “balance” in his call for public safety and order.

“I think it’s also just an irresponsible statement because this really is a moment where striking the right balance,” he said. Jones went on to condemn the lobbying of “pro-crime,” later adding, “There is a balance that has to be struck.”

Jones also believes the president should “reconsider his course” in addressing the situation because “this is not over.”

See Jones’ remarks below:

Jones’ remarks follow Trump’s overnight tweets calling for order in Minneapolis as protest escalated in various parts of the city.

Amid the unrest, buildings were torched and stores were looted. The Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct was also set on fire Thursday night.

Trump criticized Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) as he described him as “weak” while demanding that he control the situation. The president was also flagged by Twitter for a follow-up tweet where he appeared to glorify violence.

In addition to the protests in Minneapolis, heightened protests also erupted in New York City, Memphis, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Seven people were also shot at protests in Louisville, Kentucky over the police shooting of Breonna Taylor.

As of Friday, no arrests of officers have been made in connection with the death of Floyd.


  1. Where are the decedents of the Chicago Democratic Convention? They were the original head bangers…

  2. Hey Van Jones ,,, those “Thugs” are setting Fires,, which are Deadly to human life ,,, Sooooo, YES they should be shot ,,, no excuses, no favors ,,, just some hot lead in their backside. I know this must be hard for someone like yourself who is so self absorbed but try and use some critical thought !!!

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