Video: 7-Eleven Owners Have Other Plans After They Are Told to Let Suspect Rob Store


A man tried to rob a convenience store, but the store owners had other plans for him.

A video posted on Twitter on Wednesday showed a thief robbing a 7-Eleven by shoving tobacco products into a trash bin he brought in. Meanwhile, the Sikh owners of the store try to get in his way but are unable to stop him.

The bystander who was recording the video repeatedly tells the two store owners “There ain’t nothing you can do” and suggests to them “Ayy, just let him go,” requesting that the men just stand by helplessly and let their store be robbed.

Instead, the owners said, “No thank you” and took matters into their own hands.

One of the store owners grabbed the would-be thief and pulled him to the ground, while the other grabbed a giant stick and proceeded to beat the criminal multiple times with it while he lay there screaming.

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WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Let’s just say, he is not likely to try and rob that store again.

Do you believe in self-defense?

It’s not entirely surprising that two Sikh men were responsible for the takedown of this criminal. They come from countries where people who rob businesses run the very real risk of being chased down by store owners.

In the United States, on the other hand, we are told that we need to be “soft on crime” and let criminals take what they want in the name of the politically correct leftist orthodoxy.

With that currently being the American modus operandi, it is no wonder that crime is soaring across the country.

The thing is, it is absolutely insane to tell people to just stand by and not defend their homes and businesses when they are being robbed. People need to be able to defend themselves and their property from thugs.

It should be fairly obvious at this point that the less enforcement there is of the law, the more crime there will be.

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Just ask the residents of cities whose leftist councilors voted to “Defund the Police.” Several of them are now beginning to regret it after realizing the harmful effects that it has had.

America was not a nation that was built by letting people trample over the rights of its citizens, just the opposite in fact.

Anyone who has studied the history of the American Revolution knows that it was in part caused by the British government’s violation of colonial property rights.

The fact that we are now being told that we need to just step aside and let people get away with crime shows just how far we have fallen as a country.

These store owners, however, made an example of someone who tried to rob them, and it’s safe to assume that their store will not be the target of robbers any time soon.

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