Videos Show Group of Activists Attempting to Disrupt Event Related to March for Life


A group of protesters were shown crashing an event related to the March for Life.

Activist Thomas Walker posted the video to Twitter with the caption, “This morning [Shut Down DC] and [Our Rights DC] interrupted the National Prayer Service before the March for ‘Life’ to let forced birthers know that their ideas are NOT welcome in this city.”

During the event a protester could be heard shouting, “This community supports abortion access. This community supports our trans siblings. Protect abortion access! Protect trans lives!”

It appeared that the heckler was ushered out of the building.

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In his Twitter thread, Walker argued, “With Republicans now in control of the House, DC will have to spend the next two years fighting to be able to govern ourselves without interference from Congress. They have already put forth a proposal to prohibit local government funding of abortion access.”

He added, “After this weekend, once the forced birthers disperse back to the various parts of the country they came to DC from, we will still be here fighting for our rights. They need to know they cannot come to DC and spread their propaganda unopposed.”

Another activist also tweeted, “This morning with [Shut Down DC] [Our Rights DC] I rose up for abortion rights and trans lives at the forced birther National Prayer Service hosted by defrocked priest Frank Pavone.”

ShutDownDC took to Twitter to share that it had been a “busy morning.”

“Forced birthers are not welcome in DC,” the organization tweeted.

According to the organization’s website, they “oppose all forms of repression of dissent and commit to acting in solidarity with the people and organizations facing retaliation and criminalization.”

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The organization was established during the summer of 2019 in response to the Youth Climate Strikers’ Call to Action, as the website states.

While the protesters voiced their opposition to the pro-life movement, there were still plenty celebrating the event, as IJR reported.

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