'The View's' Joy Behar Offers a Suggestion for Trump-Biden Debate — It Involves Obama


Co-host of ABC’s “The View” Joy Behar has a strategy for Tuesday night’s debate between presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, and it has to do with former President Barack Obama.

“Put President Obama in the front. That will freak [Trump] out. He still hasn’t gotten over the correspondent’s dinner when Obama made a joke about him,” Behar said.

She added, “If Obama doesn’t want to come, then bring an IRS auditor. You have to just freak him out. That’s it, so he looks ridiculous in front of his base.”

Behar argued the debate has not “done much” since that of former presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, which “turned the thing around.”

Watch her comments below:

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Behar explained debates tend to have little impact because Americans are “pretty much entrenched in their beliefs.”

She offered additional advice to Biden.

“I say just ridicule the guy because he can’t take it. Make a fool of him, you know the way he likes to make a fool of people,” Behar said.

She added, “If you call him out on his lies, you’ll be there for 26 hours. Let’s face it.”

The candidates will take the stage just five weeks before the November 3rd election.

Trump and Biden will debate a wide variety of topics including the coronavirus pandemic, the president’s Supreme Court nomination, the economy, protests amid racial unrest, the Trump and Biden records, and the integrity of our election, as IJR previously reported.

According to White House aides, Trump will question Biden about his record on trade issues, energy, and taxes, as IJR previously reported.

A source familiar with Biden’s strategy said he will challenge Trump on his response to the coronavirus pandemic and his efforts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

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The debate will begin at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT on Tuesday) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

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