Walmart CEO Reveals How Much Toilet Paper the Company Sold in the Last 5 Days


Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is revealing the staggering amount of toilet paper the retail chain has sold in the last five days alone.

As stay-at-home orders continue to be enforced in states, Americans are still making trips to the stores for essential items. Even now, toilet paper still tops the essential item list.

During an interview on “The Today Show” Friday morning, McMillon described the extent of toilet paper sales, noting so much has been sold every American could have one roll of their own.

“In the last five days, we’ve sold enough toilet paper for every American to have their own roll. … If everyone can just manage and buy week-to-week rather than stocking up at this point, it would be helpful for everybody,” he said.

See McMillon’s interview below:

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While Walmart stores are managing to restock in a timely fashion, McMillon has admitted some items — namely hand sanitizer — have been “harder to come by.”

But despite the uptick in purchases of essential items, McMillon insists Walmart is doing its best to keep essential items stocked on shelves.

“I think it’s important that everyone know our merchandise continues to flow,” McMillon said.

McMillon was also asked about other buying trends. He noted that as stay-at-home orders are being extended, Americans’ needs and focal points are shifting to other items.

“It started out with food and consumables and then it moved to things like puzzles and games,” McMillon said, adding, “Lately we’ve seen more grooming products. People are starting to need a haircut.”

It has been reported that 42 states are under stay-at-home orders. Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming have orders in place for specific counties. Arkansas, Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota are the only states without stay-at-home orders despite having hundreds of positive coronavirus cases statewide.

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