Warren Announces She Will Not Be Meeting With Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is unwilling to meet with President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett during the Senate confirmation process.

Warren took to Twitter on Tuesday to release a statement explaining why she will not meet with her and why she views Trump’s nomination as an “illegitimate power grab.”

“I will not be meeting with Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. I will not lend legitimacy to Mitch McConnell’s efforts to steal another Supreme Court seat. The nominee has already made it clear that she will try to deliver a death blow to health care coverage for millions of Americans and to erase protection for people with pre-existing conditions,” Warren said.

She added, “She’s an extremist who was picked to overturn Roe v. Wade, rubber stamp Trump’s attacks on immigrants, strip away voting rights, and complete the decades-long assault on our judiciary by billionaires and giant corporations to tilt the courts in their favor. Too many lives are on the line. We need to treat this nomination like the illegitimate power grab it is.”

Warren is not the only Democratic senator to refuse to meet with Barrett.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) revealed why he is not meeting with her on Sunday, as IJR previously reported.

“No, because I believe first, that the whole process has been illegitimate,” Schumer said.

He added, “And second, because she’s already stated that she is for overturning the (Affordable Care Act). I will not meet with her.”

Schumer doubled down on his critique of Barrett during his appearance on “The View” on Tuesday, as IJR previously reported.

He claimed, “She’s so far away from the American people. And it’s a lifetime appointment. It could set America back for a generation.”

Despite Barrett’s comments suggesting she supported challenges to Obamacare, it is not guaranteed she will vote to invalidate it.

According to legal experts, the ruling may not be along the lines of ideology, and it is unlikely it will be struck down.


  1. Illegitimate power grab? You mean a sitting president exercising his constitutional powers?

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