Warren Calls for Firing or Resignation of Postmaster General

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is pressing the United States Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors to either fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, call for his resignation or all board members resign.

On Friday evening, the Massachusetts senator took to Twitter with an article that detailed the board’s support of DeJoy — a Trump-appointed official who is also described as a major Republican donor and ally for the president.

Warren called out the board members’ presumed complicity despite the mail delays and complications that have plaguing cities and states since DeJoy was appointed.

“The @USPS Board of Governors has a responsibility to serve the public interest. That means delivering the mail on time – not acting as accomplices for the Postmaster General’s partisan sabotage,” Warren tweeted. “If the Board won’t fire Louis DeJoy and reverse the damage, they should resign too.”

Warren’s tweet came just hours after a Republican-led Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee where DeJoy testified about the Postal Service operational changes he is being held accountable for, as previously reported on IJR.

Although DeJoy has halted all operational changes, he refuted the voter suppression accusations.

Over the last four weeks, DeJoy has been at the center of controversy for the decommissioning of 671 high-volume sorting machines and 700 mail collection boxes across the United States.

When asked if he plans to return the decommissioned machines, DeJoy confirmed he will not as he claimed the machines were “not needed.”

The postmaster general also defended his actions as he insisted the removal of the machines is part of a routine, data-driven process that occurs annually.

”The mail volume, you know, is dropping very rapidly and especially during the COVID crisis,” DeJoy said, adding, “And package volume is growing, and when I spoke with the team — when this too became —got a lot of airplay, we really are moving these machines out to make room to process packages.”


  1. I could care less about the post office. It’s just another failed government program that started out with good intentions and then ran itself into the ground. Go with UPS and FedEx.

  2. DeJoy was nominated and installed by a postal board of Trump lackies. He was working Trump’s plan. It was out there, obvious, in plain sight. We know it was on Trump’s mind because he was too vain to keep his mouth shut about it. If he was as smart and self-controlled as Orban, or Erdogan, or even Kim Jong Un, he’d be a lot more dangerous, and harder to get rid of. Now, his end is as certain as a fair election.

  3. Here’s the rub for Fauxcohontas.

    Kevin DeJoy started from employing 10 people to over 7,000. Job creation much Lizzie? Gov’t parasites don’t count. He sold his self-built company for BILLIONS.

    He also worked with the USPS for years, as the NYT points out. So he knows them, how poorly they operate, and is ready to make changes.

    What unproven academic theories do you propose to fix the USPS Lizzie? Throwing money at things is not a fix and a temporary solution at best.

  4. Chief Sitting Bullfeces, a Congress critter since 2013, has NEVER once worried about the USPS until now when cheat-by-mail is possible.

    Here’s a clue, supposed law school grad and professor. Congress has no power to hire or fire USPS staff.

    Here’s the 2nd part of your failure. IF somehow you get DeJoy fired, Trump will appoint a replacement.

  5. “he is like that little nat that won’t go away” Larry

    Thanks for all of your support, Larry. I look forward to a long, warm relationship with you here.

  6. As for the fake Indian, I don’t think what I would like to say about her would clear the sheriffs that run this site. She is the perfect example of what not to be.

  7. We all need to ignore General Confusion, he is like that little nat that won’t go away.

  8. Nothing, NOTHING he has supposedly done comes anywhere near claiming an ancestry that wasn’t yours but it did enable you to get to college. Then you claimed you were fired from your 1st job after college because of pregnancy when notes from the local Board of Education show you resigned and you said as much in an interview in 2007. Which all in all makes you a hypocritical liar; in other words a Democrat.

  9. First off she thinks she’s part Indian & now this bone headed twit thinks she can run the whole postal system, with her at the wheel there would be a interstate total wreck. She’s a moron

  10. Warren is about as credible as a boar hog, then you have camel toe Harris who slept her way into office. Just 2 nasty women if you can actually call them that….

  11. Harry thanks for all caps. Much easier to read.
    As for Warren, who cares what she wants, thinks or says. She is a bigger fraud than Camaro Harris.


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