WATCH: CPAC Organizers Booed When They Ask Attendees To Wear Masks

Organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) were met with boos from attendees after asking them to wear masks.

“Does the Bill of Rights matter? The First Amendment, it matters,” CPAC executive director Dan Schneider said.

He added, “We conservatives believe in the rule of law, because we know that when the laws enforced, our rights are protected.”

Schneider explained, “I know this might sound like a little bit of a downer, but we also believe in property rights, and this is a private hotel and we believe in the rule of law. So we need to comply with the laws of this county that we’re in. A private hotel just like your house gets to set its own rules.”

He turned it over to CPAC planner Carly Conley where she told attendees, “We are in a private facility and we do want to be respectful of the ordinances that they have as their private property.”

Watch their comments below:

She continued, “So please everyone, when you’re in a ballroom when you’re seated, you should still be wearing a mask. So if everybody can go ahead, work on that.”

Shouts of “freedom!” spread across the crowd accompanied by boos.

Conley responded, “I know, I know it’s, it’s not the most fun.”

Schneider chimed in, “You have the right to set the own rules in your own house, and were borrowing somebody else’s house.

He added, “So we need to comply with their rules. So thank you all for putting on your masks. I wear a mask when I’m in the halls, and we’re going to comply with their rules.”

They left the stage and told the attendees to have a good conference and received some applause.

On Monday, the United States reached 500,000 COVID-19 deaths, as IJR reported.


  1. First of all, there are no where near 500,000 covid deaths in the US; even the CDC website says it’s less than 1/10 of that number. Secondly, a hotel is a “public” facility, an individual’s home is NOT! A business that is open to the public or public use cannot set rules that violate an individual’s constitutional rights, nor enforce “laws” that are unconstitutional. Any mask mandates, whether by a hotel or a “government” are unconstitutional, besides being based on lies!

    1. Must be nice to live in a fantasy world. I’m sure if a bunch of the attendees & their families wind up with covid you Trumpsters will blame Biden.

    2. Jake….You are a liar or just plain ignorant. Total deaths in the US on the CDC site are 508,949. To get that number google total Covid deaths in USA.

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