WH Shares List of Biden's 'Top Accomplishments' for 'Chatting With Your Uncle at Thanksgiving'


Typically around Thanksgiving, we are treated to a deluge of stories providing tips on how to talk to your family about politics.

And this year, the White House has taken it upon itself to provide supporters of President Joe Biden with a little cheat sheet to help them tout his “top accomplishments.”

White House Deputy Communications Director Herby Ziskend tweeted on Wednesday morning, “Sitting next to your uncle at Thanksgiving? Need a cheat sheet on the President’s accomplishments? We got you covered.”

He shared a graphic with a fall-themed background that read, “President Biden’s top accomplishments for when chatting with your Uncle at Thanksgiving.”

The first “accomplishment” listed was “tackling inflation & lowering costs.”

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And the first bullet point noted gas prices have decreased by $1.35 a gallon from their high of $5 a gallon in June.

While that decrease is likely a relief to Americans, the average price is still higher than a year ago when it was $3.40.

Check out the graphic below:

Will you be using this cheat sheet?

The laughable second portion of the bullet point is focused on inflation.

It is true that headline inflation has decreased from its high of 9.1% in June. In Oct. 2022, inflation rose 7.7%.

Any decrease in inflation is welcome news and if it continues, that is a great sign for the country.

But inflation in Oct. 2021 was 6.2%, so you can’t really claim the administration is tackling inflation.

The graphic then notes Biden’s success in getting his infrastructure bill passed as well as a gun control measure and legislation to boost domestic manufacturing of semiconductors.

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One item noticeably absent from the list: Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. Perhaps that is because the plan has been put on hold due to legal challenges.

Maybe someone’s uncle will get all excited about the CHIPS and Science Act and change their mind about Biden.

But good luck convincing them he is tackling inflation and is doing enough to bring prices down when the price of their Thanksgiving meal is costing them nearly 14% more than last year.

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