WH Denies Claim in Mary Trump’s Upcoming Book That POTUS Cheated on the SAT

The White House is denying reports from a new book that President Donald Trump paid someone to take his SAT for him.

Citing Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, and her upcoming tell-all book, The New York Times reported on Tuesday some of the manuscript. The book claims the now-president paid someone to take his pre-collegiate test, the SAT.

Mary Trump reportedly adds that the results from the SAT contributed to Donald Trump getting in the undergraduate program to the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton business school.

However, the White House is denying Mary Trump’s claim.

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews told the Washington Examiner, “Mary Trump and her book’s publisher may claim to be acting in the public interest, but this book is clearly in the author’s own financial self-interest.”

“President Trump has been in office for over three years working on behalf of the American people — why speak out now?” Matthews added.

Despite the White House’s later denial, the allegation quickly earned many reactions as people took to Twitter to respond to the allegation.

According to the manuscript, Mary Trump also claims that her aunt said of Donald Trump and his run for president, “The only time Donald went to church was when the cameras were there. It’s mind boggling. But that’s all about his base. He has no principles. None!”

Additionally, Mary Trump criticizes her uncle, saying in the book, “Donald’s pathologies are so complex and his behaviors so often inexplicable that coming up with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis would require a full battery of psychological and neurophysical tests that he’ll never sit for.”

“Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life, so there is no way to know how he would thrive, or even survive, on his own in the real world,” she adds in the book.

The book also touches on claims about Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump Sr., to which the White House deputy press secretary responded, “The president describes the relationship he had with his father as warm and said his father was very good to him. He said his father was loving and not at all hard on him as a child. Also, the absurd SAT allegation is completely false.”

Mary Trump’s book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” is expected to be published next week.


  1. Trump is a proven liar, if you do not see the proof of that, it is your blindness. Your choice to select alternate facts. Your right to be ignorant. My right to say so, unless the dictator supporting POTUS changes that..

  2. I’m puzzled by one of the things I read about in the advance leaks from the book, which was that Donald had somebody else take his SAT for him, and he bragged about it in the family, but: the SAT was to get into the Wharton School, which was the business grad school, and graduate schools don’t use SAT scores. Only undergrad.

  3. Kaleigh McEnany and Sarah Matthews claim Mary Trump’s claims are false. I am going to need more than a WH spokespersons word on the contents of the book. I am old enough to remember the following:
    Sean Spicer telling the public that Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest in history-Period.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling us that Donald did not dictate Jr.’s letter claiming the Trump Tower meeting was just about adoption.
    Sarah telling the public that Trump did not know Stormy Daniels and he had no knowledge of a NDA.
    Stephanie Grisham had no press briefings but she said in an interview that Obama’s staff left notes telling the Trump staff that they would fail. She walked it back later.
    Kaleigh McEnany told us the Mueller Report “completely exonerated” Trump.

    Sorry, I am taking my chances with Mary Trump. She is not already a proven liar.

  4. “why speak out now?” White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews

    Why NOT now? Now, less than 4 months before King Donald The Loser’s second election, sounds pretty appropriate, to me.

    It was iffy whether he could win his first election and I am sure that she felt compelled to make sure that she did what she could to ensure that he had less chances of getting re-elected.

    It will certainly change the narrative on TV talks shows that bug him, for a few weeks at least. I wonder how the 3 state media outlets will twist themselves in knots, in support of His Majesty.

  5. Why speak out now?

    Uh… because you’ve been fighting the release of the book in court by holding people to apparently invalid NDAs. Is that a serious question?

  6. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

    The ” denial of the half hour ” for the next week

    has started lending credibility to the book it might not

    obtain on its own.

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