'Get Somebody Black in There': Whoopi Goldberg Claims Race Was Sole Reason Behind Herschel Walker's Nomination


“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg is sharing what she believes was behind Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate primary victory.

The co-hosts of the show criticized Walker after it was reported he paid for his girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009.

Ana Navarro declared, “What we learned with Trump is that there are people who will vote with the party over sanity, over country, over morals, over values, over religion, over truth, over rational.”

“Well, that’s how he got in,” Goldberg quipped.

Sunny Hostin chimed in, “I just can’t believe that’s the best that Republicans have to offer.”

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“It’s not the best they have to offer, but it’s all they’re giving,” Goldberg responded.

She went on, “They didn’t even try to find somebody who at least had the idea of how to take care of the people of Georgia. They just said, ‘Get somebody Black in there. Who do you know? Oh yeah, get him.'”

“That’s what it feels like,” Hostin insisted.

Goldberg asked, “How else do you explain it?”

Do you think Goldberg is correct?

“That’s incredibly insulting to African American voters,” Hostin replied.

Watch the video below:

There is a trend among liberals to assume Walker was chosen explicitly because he is Black, and Republicans believed he could be controlled.

This is divisive and bizarre and ignores a major factor in the path to Walker winning the nomination: Former President Donald Trump.

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A major reason Walker won the primary is the two men have known each other for decades. It also probably helped that Walker had not lost an election and was a football star. In other words, he was not a loser.

So in Sept. 2021, Trump endorsed Walker, and afterward, few Republicans wanted to cross the former president by backing a different candidate.

To insist that race, rather than Trump’s penchant for rewarding his allies and friends, was the deciding factor in Walker’s nomination is simply ridiculous.

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