Wisconsin Voter Blasts Biden as Making Country a Laughingstock: 'Anything This Man Touches Just Falls Apart'


This Wisconsin woman didn’t hold back on President Joe Biden.

Wisconsin resident Nina Machi spoke with Fox News’ Lawrence Jones on the Biden administration’s numerous failures.

Machi appeared in a panel interview that was broadcast on Monday.

Machi primarily pointed out Biden’s dismal failures on energy policy, a problem that the president has failed to rectify as middle-class Americans are gutted at the gas pump.

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“I think we are in worse shape now, under the Biden administration,” Machi argued.

“We are the laughingstocks across the pond and in western Europe.

“Let’s not blame our gas price on the Ukraine thing,” the woman said, pointing to Biden’s spiking of the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office.

Is Biden to blame for dismal gas prices?

“It’s all about Joe Biden and anything this man touches just falls apart.”

Machi, who identifies as a Republican, rejected Biden’s attempts to blame the nation’s dismal energy situation on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The invasion has significantly impacted global energy security, but this woman is absolutely right when she shuts down Biden’s attempts to blame catastrophic gas prices on the war alone.

Gas prices are currently much higher on the West Coast than anywhere else in America due to aging and decrepit energy infrastructure — namely oil and gas refineries that have been brought to closure through the need for repairs, according to KPTV in Portland, Oregon.

The last time an oil refinery with significant downstream unit capacity was built in America was in 1977, according to the Energy Information Administration.

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That’s on Biden and his party for failing to incentivize (and at times, outright prohibiting) investment in the energy infrastructure Americans need to avoid fuel crises spurred at the whims of foreign dictators.

If it really were the war causing exorbitant gas prices for Americans, there wouldn’t be such a price differential in different regions of the country.

A gallon of gas sold for nearly $6 in California and a more tolerable $3.26 in Texas as of Tuesday, according to GasBuddy.

That’s not global geopolitics, but the predictable result of widely varying policies regulating fossil fuel production.

Wisconsin is host to one of the hottest U.S Senate elections in November’s midterms.

Republican incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson will face Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, a progressive extremist who rushed to throw police officers under the bus after the shooting of Jacob Blake, which was later ruled to be justified.

Polls have moved in the direction of Republicans weeks before a midterm in which many expect Democrats to receive an electoral beating on par with the “Red Waves” of 2010 and 1994.

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