Woman Rewears Wedding Dress at Beyoncé Concert to Celebrate One-Year Anniversary


A content creator shared why she rewore her wedding dress at a Beyoncé concert to celebrate her one-year anniversary.

In an exclusive interview with People, Anja Dang, 36, attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour birthday concert on Sept. 4 with her husband, renowned photographer Brian Puspos, 37, in Los Angeles. She explained the significance behind her fashion choice.

“I just felt like it was the right opportunity,” she shared. “For us as a couple specifically, Sept. 4 means a lot.”

Dang revealed the date was not only Beyoncé’s birthday but the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

“And we also went viral for our Beyoncé wedding dance, so I just thought it was a full-circle opportunity for me to finally rewear my wedding dress for the first time since my wedding,” she added.

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Dang also revealed how she re-styled her white wedding dress decorated with chiffon, pearls, and drapery from Sarah Seven. She explained she wanted to find a way to be “dripped in pearls” in homage to the lyrics of the superstar’s song “Heated.”

“Honestly, it was really difficult and I was freaking out because I just did not know what to do,” she said.

Dang said she “didn’t want to completely ruin the original dress.”

“I was just searching on Pinterest for ideas and I found this beautiful gown. I don’t even know who it was from or where the pin was from but it was only the bodice and it was draped in pearls and these brooches and that’s exactly what my friends and I tried to do with the dress,” she continued.

However, the look came together the night before the concert with the help of Dang’s friends Erick Orzo and Devin & Athena, who are stylists in Los Angeles, according to People. Dang’s friends spent about three hours doing Dang’s makeup and pinning the beads onto her dress.

After already attending the Renaissance concert four times, Dang said she and her husband weren’t initially planning on going again.

“We weren’t planning to go originally but after Brian and I went the first time in Barcelona we just decided it was really important for us to go on her birthday. We knew it would be a great concert and for us it would also be an anniversary present,” she said.

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Dang also gave advice to other brides on how to make use of their wedding dresses.

“Wedding dresses are such a huge expense and if you can find a way to rewear them, you definitely should,” she shared.

Dang said she plans on rewearing her wedding dress again.

“Somehow, I don’t think this will be my last time,” she concluded.

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