Andrew Yang Calls for ‘$1,000 a Month Until This Crisis Is Over’ Amid Uncertainty Over Next Eight Weeks

As Americans continue working to adjust to the spread of the coronavirus, lawmakers are proposing a new solution. How does a $1,000 dollar check sound?

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is joining Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) in supporting sending Americans money for financial assistance during the outbreak.

Romney announced that he is supporting the proposal as the economy takes a hit while Americans are unable to go to work.

He told a reporter on Monday, “Every American adult should immediately receive $1,000 to help ensure families and workers can meet their short-term obligations and increase spending in the economy,” as IJR previously reported.

According to White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, if Congress passes a payroll tax holiday, $800 billion could be added to the United States economy to mitigate the economic damage caused by the virus, as IJR previously reported.

Yang has centered his campaign around the idea of universal basic income, as well as a universal health care system.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Yang responded to a question asking if the sending of this money should be a onetime thing or if it needs to be continuous.

“So it should be $1,000 a month until this crisis is over,” he said, adding, “And obviously anyone who knows anything about me knows I think it should then just continue in perpetuity.”

“The CDC just announced that they’re advising against gatherings of 50-plus [people] for eight weeks. So we should be looking at a minimum of two months at $1,000 per person. But we don’t know if the world’s going to reopen in eight weeks. It’s unclear what data we would have that would enable the CDC or other policy makers to give us the all clear.”

Yang also called on former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to join the initiative.

He tweeted, “Joe and Bernie please come out for cash relief for the people immediately. Don’t let this pass without you calling for it.”

The interview pivoted to the reporter asking Yang if this is something he thinks will pass in Congress.

“I’m increasingly optimistic that common sense will prevail and Congress will pass this before too many lives fall apart,” Yang said.

Reports have confirmed a total of 85 deaths in the United States, as well as at least 4,660 cases, as of Tuesday morning.


  1. Math confuses I Ching.

    The U.S. population is stalled at about 331 million.

    He also does not understand how UBI works. First of all, UBI payments only go to adults. People under 18 make up about 24% of us (2018). That leaves about 253 million people. At $12K annually, that would be about $3 trillion before any means testing or pro rating that I am positive conservatives would insist upon.

    If Dear Leader and the American Fascist Party can give a nearly $2 trillion tax break to mostly corporations and rich people who did NOT need it, maybe we can afford UBI for the 44% of us that live in poverty and hand-to-mouth.

    1. General Jackass,
      You and the other morons on the left are welcome to pay this UBI. Leave the hardworking and intelligent people out of your theft!

  2. I’m curious how he plans to do this AND pay for it.

    $1000 times an estimated 360 million people (less if we do not count illegals or those NOT working) is 360,000,000,000. That’s trillions for the innumerate, socialists and politicians.

    The US GDP was $19T in 2019 (give or take hundreds of billions). So what he’s proposing is over 18 times last year’s GDP (before the stock-market retraction).

    Per month. Let’s repeat that. Per month. Even halving those receiving money is still 18T, which is almost the entire GDP, PER MONTH.

    Not happening.

    I’ve already commented on the innumeracy and fantastic promises of the Dims and Bernie. They cannot do math for sure. Even such “highly educated, awarded, and qualified” persons who make this shit up.

    1. Why not? How else will it or other goverment “freebies” be paid for?

      Think of it as a short-term loan.

  3. I’m telling you, we got to shoot these dumb bastards, they’re going to destroy this country

        1. No, like the majority of pork that goes just to rich people with friends in high places. If you ignore the majority of real pork, then you are either confused or are being disingenuous.

  4. No no no they are trying to stick their socialist ideas out there!!!!!

        1. Don’t play naive with me. You know that our economy is “mixed”, mixed in the sense of capitalistic ideas with socialistic ideas. You would not like living here if you didn’t have the mix that you enjoy today, so any outrage that you express against socialism here has to be seen in that light. You are faking it.

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