50 Percent of Americans Believe Trump Should Be Convicted in Senate Impeachment Trial: Poll

Roughly half of Americans believe the Senate should vote to convict former President Donald Trump for what Democrats say was his role in inciting a mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

A new Marist poll released on Monday finds that 50% of Americans believe the Senate should vote to convict Trump on the charge of “incitement of insurrection.” Meanwhile, 41% of respondents said Trump should be acquitted.

The Senate is scheduled to begin its trial the week of February 9, just over one year after the chamber voted to acquit on the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Democrats have pointed to Trump’s comments at a rally shortly before a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol where he said, “We’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you… We are going to the Capitol.”

He also claimed they would “try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.”

Some Republican lawmakers have also blamed Trump for the violence. However, they have argued that his actions may not warrant impeachment and conviction after he has left office.

Support for conviction breakdowns down along party lines according to the new Marist poll, with 90% of Democrats saying Trump should be convicted and just 5% saying he should be acquitted.

Meanwhile, 90% of Republicans say Trump should be acquitted, and just 5% say he should be convicted.

The divide is a little less stark among independents with 39% saying he should be acquitted and 49% saying he should be convicted.

A separate Monmouth University poll found that 56% of Americans approved of House Democrats’ push to impeach Trump, while 53% said they believe he should be convicted.

The Marist poll surveyed 1,313 and was conducted January 24 through January 27.


  1. let me guess, the poll was given to the same people that were given the poll that Hilary would win the election in 2016. How come I’ve never been polled. Because HE is still my President, that imposter is … well, an imposter.

    1. “How come I’ve never been polled.” Don

      So, Don, do you truly understand and comprehend what “anecdotal information” is? Really? Not according to what YOU post on IJR.

  2. Those 50 percenters are not Real Americans. Real Americans have ancestors that date back to 1600 and fought the British to gain Independence. They are folks who fought in all wars to Defend the Constitution of the United States from foreign and domestic: Tyranny. They love America and they’ll fight to the death to defend “Her”. With all the anti-American comments seen in media platforms, AMTIFA, BLM, PROUD BOYS, & BOOGALOO BOIS is appalling to all Real Americans. Beware: we will not let you take our freedoms. We’ll fight. Media and News talk about “Oath Keepers”. They are the people who swore an Oath to protect the US Constitution of the United States from Foreign and Domestic Tyranny. It’s what Americans swear when entering US military service. They are the Patriots, the Real Americans and know that all Real Americans support this group of Heroes.

    1. “Those 50 percenters are not Real Americans.” Ron

      You have a distorted view of what “an American” is, Ron. A patriot is not an unthinking person who decides what OTHERS can and should do or should be.

      The 41% of us who think a person in power should NOT be punished for instigating an insurrection that resulted in armed mouth-breathers storming our seat of government are NOT what I would call “patriots”.

      I have a sneaky feeling that you, Ron, would have a slightly different take on things if this situation had happened while a black Democratic president was in office. Do I have that about right?

  3. Only until you actually read the responses, 90% republican – acquit, 39% independant -acquit, 90% democrats- convict, 49% independant- convict

  4. Whose poll, taken where? More lies from the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats to attempt to support their corruption. Biden the Mad King viruses are projected to kill another 200,000. his campaign promises were to ‘defeat’ the virus. Now, we have three. The Mad King Biden election thief is off to a great start, eliminating jobs, energy, crippling the economy all while declaring WAR on all Conservatives. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t keep poor Humpty Biden out of the shit storm he’s created.

  5. All Real Americans know that Trump can’t be impeached out of office as it is unconstitutional. The Impeachment would bring the US Congress grief beyond imagination. Plus the US could be targeted by Rogue nations while good Americans target Congress. Please font get caught with your “pants down”.

    1. “All Real Americans know that Trump can’t be impeached out of office as it is unconstitutional.” Ron

      Define “all real Americans”, Ron. If you mean “all who think like YOU do”, then THAT is unAmerican.

  6. What tripe…seriously. Tripe. This isn’t news…it’s an opinion. Goebbels would be proud.

    1. But, but, but they did poll 1313 people.
      And yet no polls on how Biden’s doing. How many EOs has he signed in 2 weeks.
      Troops sent to Syria on Biden’s orders. What that all about?

  7. “41% of respondents said Trump should be acquitted” Article

    So, that means that 41% of us need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

    1. No, I think it means that 50% of those polled would probably need the mask while driving to keep them from licking the inside windows of their vehicle. The other 41% are probably paying attention to the fact that Biden’s son is a child molesting crack smoker and Biden is the crook.

      1. Mango will get what he deserves and I’ll totally enjoy it! And I’m not talking impeachment. 😉

        1. Hay hay. Sounds like you enjoyed being bent over the couch. Is that what you meant that you enjoy it

    2. Confused Squat and Vayjay – The real crooks are Biden and his son, selling out America for $millions in profit to the Chinese, Ukrainians and the Russians. You Democrats just love to project all your misdeeds on to Conservatives. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. I see Biden the Mad King and his minions in the media are building their excuses for failing against the Biden viruses. His campaign promise was that he would ‘defeat’ the virus. Now there are three and he is losing, 200,000 more to die because he is a lying loser, la who za her!!!!!! Biden vowed that the “$2000 stimulus checks would roll out the door IMMEDIATELY”, if the two democrats were elected to the Senate. Another lie. Schumer and Biden claimed that they would pass the stimulus bill whether they had Republican support or not. Tonight, they are claiming they can’t pass the bill because the ‘bad’ Republicans are preventing it. More excuses and lies. Mad King Biden and his 40 or more executive orders are only crippling the economy and costing jobs. Biden should go to the rest home and take the idiot Democrats with him.

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