Adviser Claims Donald and Melania Trump Were Vaccinated at the White House


Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump received the COVID-19 vaccine at the White House in January, according to an adviser.

The adviser confirmed to The Hill on Monday they both got the first dose of the vaccine while they were in the White House and have received their second dose.

The former president and first lady tested positive for the virus in October of 2020, as IJR reported.

During a campaign rally in late October, Trump touted his recovery and told his supporters, “I’m here. And now I’m immune. I can jump into this audience and kiss every man and woman. I’m immune.”

Trump told the crowd after he was treated with an antibody cocktail, “I woke up and I felt good. I said, ‘Get me out of here.’ Boom. Superman.”

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During his speech on Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump encouraged Americans to get vaccinated and boasted of his vaccine rollout.

“This was us. We did this. And the distribution is moving along, according to our plan. And it’s moving along really well,” Trump said.

He continued, “But remember, we took care of a lot of people, including, I guess on Dec. 21, we took care of Joe Biden. ‘Cause he got his shot. He got his vaccine. He forgot. It shows you how un-painful all that vaccine shot is. So everybody go get your shot.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci also encouraged Americans to accept any of the three COVID-19 vaccines available.

“All three of them are really quite good, and people should take the one that’s most available to them. If you go to a place and you have J&J, and that’s the one that’s available now, I would take it,” Fauci said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

On Thursday, Biden announced he plans to launch a program to educate Americans about COVID-19 vaccines, as IJR reported.

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