'Africans Deserve Questions As Well, Karine!': WH Spox Slammed by Reporter


A reporter went after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, suggesting they always have to “beg for questions.”

During a White House press briefing on Tuesday, Angolan TV anchor Hariana Veras shouted, “One question for Africa, Karine.”

She added, “Karine, one question for Africa.”

After saying she would come back to reporters for questions, Veras said, “Why do we always have to beg for questions. Africans deserve questions as well, Karine! Come on!”

Veras jumped in again after Jean-Pierre chose another reporter.

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“Can I have a question, Karine? One question. One question for Africa,” Veras said.

Appearing to grow frustrated Jean-Pierre said, “Guys… give me a second.”

Veras replied, “We have been asking for questions, Karine, every time. And even when you give questions to Simon it’s because he forced.”

She added, “We don’t need to force for questions. We also deserve to have a question. Do you have something against African reporters?”

After another reporter began to ask a question, Veras said, “We just have questions too, Karine. You have to be fair.”

Check out the exchange below:

Jean-Pierre asked the reporter to repeat the question because “someone was yelling over you.”

This is not the first time she has received criticism from White House reporters, as IJR reported.

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The press secretary’s answers have “baffled reporters, and even made some of her White House colleagues wince,” according to Politico.

The report explained her “stumbles in several instances have made her appear underprepared — in moments quickly weaponized by the right.”

Still, Jean-Pierre has received support from the administration amid the criticism.

“She’s here precisely because of her respect for the indispensable role of the free press in our democracy,” Deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates told Politico

He added, “She is proud of her briefings — which often run longer than the modern average and have included multiple Saturday gaggles. She loves the back and forth with the White House press corps, and her door is always open for any feedback its members are interested in giving directly.”

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