Apple Sparks Backlash With Fitness Challenge Surrounding Black History Month


Apple sparked conversation online with the release of a fitness challenge surrounding Black History Month.

TikTok user prettycritical shared a message to her account showing the notification she received for the challenge.

“Good morning to everyone, except for Apple, which pushed me this notification this morning,” the user said in the video.

The challenge on the watch read: “Unity Challenge: Let’s come together to honor Black history. Earn this Unity award by closing your Move ring for seven days in a row during February.”

Sharing her response to the challenge, the user said, “I just think it’s unbelievable and unacceptable that, especially in the wake of Tyre Nichols’ murder, the one thing that Apple has to say about honoring black people and black history is ‘use our product, maybe use a little weight,’ I mean, come on.”

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Several TikTok users left their comments under the video criticizing Apple for the move.

“The cringe in which I cringed,” one user replied.

Another said, “Sitting on the couch for 7 days straight to spite them for this.”

One comment stated, “Lose weight to end racism was not an approach I thought I’d ever hear.”

Is this unacceptable?

Another stated, “Oh. my. god. who and how many people did this get past?????”

Twitter users also reacted to the announcement.

“Oh [Apple], are you seriously doing a fitness challenge for Black History month? Someone didn’t think this through,” one tweet reads.

Calling the challenge “weird,” another user added, “Honour black history by exercising? Okay then.”

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Similarly, Apple drew backlash last month after introducing unity wallpaper.

Radio host Isabella Riley Moody tweeted, “Apple’s newest software update ‘introduces a new Unity wallpaper to honor Black history and culture in celebration of Black History Month.'”

She continued, “Of course it does.”

Writer Libby Emmons reacted to the wallpaper, suggesting the company “won’t have one with Christ’s bleeding wounds for Easter…”

She asked, “Is there a way I can opt out of this progressive religion?”

Apple’s website states that “members of Apple’s Black creative community and allies came together to develop this year’s Black Unity Collection and designed the new expressions inspired by the creative process of mosaic, celebrating the vibrancy of Black communities and the power of unity.”

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