Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Coronavirus Outbreak to Keep Him From the Campaign Trail

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is not allowing the coronavirus outbreak to deter him from coming around his constituents.

Sanders appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” where host Jake Tapper pointed out that the CDC is recommending that older people and other vulnerable individuals should avoid crowds. He proceeded to ask Sanders, “At what point will it not be worth the risk of having rallies?”

The Vermont senator replied, “We are watching this thing very very carefully. What is most important is the health of the American people and we are in constant contact with public health officials and getting their advice.”

Tapper continued to make the question personal pointing out that Sanders, President Donald Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden are all older Americans and asked if they should be limiting travel and avoiding crowds.

Sanders smiled at the question and responded, “Well in the best of all possible worlds, maybe but right now we’re running as hard as we can.” Sanders said he has been working really hard citing the three rallies he held on Saturday and two more that he held on Sunday.

Commenting on the significance of the upcoming election, Sanders said, “Look, this is the most consequential election in the modern history of the United States of America. Trump in my view is a president who is a liar, who is running a corrupt administration… He has to be beaten.”

Watch the full interview below:

Sanders is currently running alongside Biden and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) for the Democratic nomination. Fox News is slated to hold a town hall with Sanders in Detroit on Monday in Michigan ahead of the crucial primary. Biden currently leads Sanders on the delegate count after a strong Super Tuesday showing — taking 10 of the available 14 states.

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  1. Sanders is probably spreading the virus across the country with every hand he shakes. What a vile specimen he is.

  2. I wonder if Bernie will visit WA, epicenter for dead, old people via coronavirus. There’s a REAL test of this “hero”.

    By the way Bernie, Trump already beat you to defying the risks of coronavirus.

  3. Awesome!!! From what I’ve heard the virus is mostly fatal for old people like Bernie, and Marxists!!!
    Time to thin the herd of the weak of mind like Bernie!!! Go Coronavirus!!

  4. Bernie Sanders should start turning this administration’s handling of this virus outbreak into an albatross similar to George Bush’s Katarina.

    Attack, attack, attack!

    1. Has it never occurred to you, General A-hole, that US has the lowest percentage cases of Coronavirus of any 1st world countries BECAUSE of the steps Present Trump has taken? He’s limited incoming travel and ordered quarantines of those who have recently been in affected countries. All the time, the Democrats have been shouting: “Impeach Trump!” and “racism” to his quarantines and limited travel. All the while working against Obama era CDC budget cuts.

      Anytime the Democrats would like to get involved in assisting with things I’m sure would be appreciated, but they won’t because they wouldn’t know where to start!!!

      1. “Has it never occurred to you, General Confusion, that US has the lowest percentage cases of Coronavirus of any 1st world countries BECAUSE of the steps Present Trump has taken?” An Unhung Chad

        That means nothing if the number of our “R” cases is rising.

      2. Has it never occurred to you that the US has the lowest percentage of cases of Coronavirus of any 1st world country because we’ve only tested a handful of people, and because people are afraid of getting huge medical bills for what might just be a cold?

        It is already in our communities, and it’s spreading. Let’s wait another 2-3 weeks, then we can come back and revisit these comments and compare how we’re doing vs those other 1st world countries.

        1. Agreed – we have just plain been refusing to test people. Can’t get confirmed if you aren’t testing. Look how good our numbers look!

          1. “Agreed – we have just plain been refusing to test people. Can’t get confirmed if you aren’t testing.” -Penix

            Kind of like Democrats being so against voter ID laws, isn’t it?

            Pulleeaze Penix, I know you’re stupid but try to hide it a little better, K?

            If tests AREN’T performed how would the flu be differentiated from Coronavirus? It wouldn’t! The statistics for resulting fatalities and contagiousness are no different, other than more people have and are dying of the flu!! The media can’t hype the flu because it comes around every year.

    2. “Attack, attack, attack!”

      Wow! Your rational thinking shines through.

      Will you celebrate the death of American citizens so you can make a case?

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