Biden Appears To Give Trump Some Credit for COVID-19 Vaccine: 'Not a Partisan Act'

President Joe Biden seemingly gave former President Donald Trump some credit for the COVID-19 vaccine, saying the rollout was “not a partisan act.”

“Getting the vaccine is not a partisan act. The science was done under Democratic and Republican administrations,” Biden said on Wednesday.

He added, “Matter of fact, the first vaccines were authorized under a Republican president, and widely developed by a Democratic president, deployed by a Democratic president.”

Biden explained every American 12 years of age and up can receive the vaccine, “No matter where you live, what you believe, who you voted for, has the right to get vaccinated.”

Check out the video below:

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He announced a “month-long effort to pull all the stops… to free ourselves from this virus and get to 70% of adult Americans vaccinated.” (00:01:42)

Last month, Trump said in a statement without his administration’s help with the vaccine, the world would be in a different place.

“New United States COVID cases, because of the record-breaking development of the vaccine and its early purchase and distribution by the Trump Administration, has hit its lowest level in more than one year, and falling fast,” Trump said.

He continued, “I want to thank all within the Trump Administration who pushed so hard for a vaccine and got it done in less than nine months when everybody was saying it would take at least 3-5 years, and probably not happen. Without the vaccine the world would be a much different place right now.”

Trump also expressed his appreciation for the military “for its incredible distribution and logistical planning.”

He added, “Operation Warp Speed and our decision to purchase billions of dollars of vaccine before it was even approved, has been ‘One of the greatest miracles of the ages,’ according to many. Thank you!”

As of Wednesday morning, more than 366 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed and more than 296 million doses have been administered.

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