Biden Finishes Sentence by Reading Directions From Teleprompter: 'Repeat the Line'


President Joe Biden read the teleprompter word for word while delivering remarks, literally.

While delivering a speech on actions the administration is taking to protect abortion access, Biden read directions from the teleprompter.

“It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who have registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so. End of quote. Repeat the line,” Biden said.

He continued, “Women are not without electoral and or political… not and or, or political power.”

Biden explained women can “determine the outcome of this issue.”

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Watch the video below:

This did not appear to be the only error Biden made while delivering his remarks.

“When tens of millions of womens vote this year, they won’t be alone,” Biden said.

Additionally, the president suggested a woman crossed state lines to “terminate the presidency” instead of pregnancy.

On Friday, Biden signed an executive order with the intention of protecting access to abortion nationwide.

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“I’m asking the Justice Department that, much like they did in the Civil Rights era, to do everything in their power to protect these women seeking to invoke their rights,” Biden said.

NPR noted the executive order “pledges to ensure the safety of abortion patients and providers, including setting up mobile clinics near the borders of states restricting abortion access.”

It also “seeks to convene private, pro bono lawyers to offer support to people crossing state lines to get an abortion.”

The order directs the secretary of Health and Human Services to release a report in the next 30 days listing more actions to “protect medication abortion, expand access on emergency contraception and IUDs,” and emphasize public education surrounding reproductive rights, as NPR reported.

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