Biden Posts Photo with Sign Hanging Above Oval Office Door, Doesn't Realize Big Mistake He's Made


President Joe Biden has inadvertently embarrassed himself on social media once again after a Twitter promotion spectacularly backfired.

On Sunday, Biden’s account posted a photo of a sign saying “Believe” hanging in the entrance to the Oval Office, with the tweet simply saying “Tomorrow.”

This was intended to promote the fact that the next day, the president and the first lady were going to welcome the cast of the hit TV series “Ted Lasso” to the White House to discuss the importance of mental health.

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According to the pop culture site The Mary Sue, the “Believe” message is a reference to the fact that in the show, Coach Lasso has the sign above his office in the locker room as a way to motivate his fictional soccer team, AFC Richmond.

Biden thought this would be a good way not only to promote the event but also to promote the work of his administration. But, unfortunately for the president, Twitter users had other ideas.

Many were quick to respond with hilarious parodies of the picture showing they do not “believe” in the competence of the administration.

One changed the sign to read “Smoking Area” and edited in an image of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, smoking weed in the Oval Office.

Another took aim at Biden’s ties to the Chinese government.

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Yet another meme poked fun at the 80-year-old president’s advanced age.

And there were plenty of others.

While Biden tries to market his administration as the one that will unify the country and solve its problems, the American people obviously do not have the same optimism.

They see Biden, his administration and his family as just another bunch of corrupt and incompetent politicians who have done absolutely nothing to help the American people.

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