Billy Graham’s Granddaughter Reveals She Is Voting for Biden

Jerushah Duford, a granddaughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, is throwing her support behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“Scripture talks about doing justly, loving mercy, walking humbly, and these are tenants of our faith that I do not believe our president demonstrates in any way,” Duford said.

She explained the “silence” from certain church, and evangelical leaders on the way Trump treats marginalized communities and his “objectifying of women” have “done enormous damage to the way people view our faith.”

Duford made it clear the president does not have to “share” her faith.

“However, his attempt to hijack our faith for votes and the evangelical leader silence on his actions and behavior has presented a picture of what our faith looks like that so erroneous. It’s done significant damage to the way people view Jesus,” Duford said.

She added, “I want the world to know personally that the Jesus we serve promotes kindness dignity humility and this president doesn’t represent our faith.”

Duford told The New York Times she believes her grandfather would be discouraged with politics today.

“I think he would be sad. I think his greatest desire had nothing to do with policies but to introduce people to a loving Jesus, and the division this administration has caused I believe has hurt this effort,” Duford explained.

She weighed in on the issue of abortion and how she wishes both parties would meet somewhere in the middle.

“I genuinely wish the Democratic Party would have a greater value for life inside the womb,” Duford said. “Yet I equally wish the Republican Party would place a greater value on life outside the womb. You cannot choose just one and define yourself as pro-life.”

While Trump’s approval rating has declined among some religious groups, there are still those that remain supportive.

Polling indicates the majority of white evangelicals will vote for the president again in the upcoming November election.


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